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Training Modules Online

Thank you for taking the time to view the Purchasing Division's Online Training Modules. This page contains a list of mini and full modules by topic. Simply hold your cursor over the title and click. Some modules are published within CourseMill, the state's Learning Management System.  All others will open the Articulate Storyline file in a separate window.  For more information about both formats, see the instructions below.

For modules linked to an Articulate Storyline file.  These modules have not yet been converted to a file format compatible with CourseMill.  Upon viewing these modules, you must print the certificate located on the Resources tab on the last slide of the presentation and have your supervisor sign and return it to the Communication and Professional Development Unit of the Purchasing Division by email at Purchasing.Training@wv.gov.

For modules linked to CourseMill.  Log in with your unique ID number (e.g. A or B number) and password.  If you have not logged in before, the password should be "password".  If you have but cannot remember the password, simply click on the "Forgotten your User ID or Password?" link.  If your email is in the system correctly, you should receive a message within five minutes of submitting your email address.  Be sure to check your junk or clutter folder to see if the message went there.  If you do not receive an email, call the Office of Technology's Service Desk at (304) 558-9966 for assistance.

Once logged into the site, click on the Course Catalog tab, type "PUR" into the Catalog ID field, and click on the Search button.  The results will populate all Training Program in-person workshops, webinars, and online modules currently open for enrollment.  Simply click on the "Enroll" button for the module(s) you wish to view.

You will receive a confirmation email upon enrolling in each module and a certificate upon completion of viewing each module.

For questions related to these online training modules, email Purchasing.Training@wv.gov.



Mini Modules  |  0.25 Hours

Blackout Period

This module provides an overview of the blackout period, which occurs from the time a requisition is submitted to the Purchasing Division (or the time the solicitation is published at the agency-delegated level) to the time the contract/purchase order is awarded.

Standardization Process

Following the 2018 Legislative Session, state agencies now have the ability to standardize commodities. The process to standardize is outlined in West Virginia Code § 5A-3-61. What this means is that state agencies, upon standardizing a particular commodity, may specify a brand of product for competitive bidding using the Request for Quotations method of procurement, or other procurement method deemed appropriate, without the need to consider other brands. This mini module will discuss the process to standardize commodities.


This module helps agency procurement officers understand the bidding thresholds. Circumventing these thresholds could result in a “failure to bid” finding at the agency-delegated level, or in more serious cases, stringing for those that exceed the $25,000 threshold.

Vendor Registration Fee Exemption

This module highlights the circumstances in which a vendor registration fee exemption code may be used during the vendor registration process.


Full Modules  |  0.50 Hours

Agency Delegated Purchasing

Agencies under the authority of the West Virginia Purchasing Division have been granted the authority to procure goods and/or services expected to cost $25,000 or less. This module highlights the requirements related to agency-delegated purchasing as outlined in W. Va. Code §5A-3, W. Va. 148 C.S.R. 1, and the Purchasing Division Procedures Handbook.

Basic Purchasing

New to public procurement? This module helps state employees familiarize themselves with the state purchasing process by highlighting the eleven-step Purchasing Decision Path, defining terminology used in the state purchasing proves, and providing an overview of the rules and regulations related to the different levels of purchasing authority.

Change Orders and Addenda

This module provides an overview of addenda and changes orders, including examples of when they may be necessary and the documentation needed to help facilitate these processes.

Evaluation and Award Process

In this module, agency procurement officials can learn how to effectively examine all bids received to determine a vendor’s adherence to mandatory specifications, compliance with procurement regulations, and responsiveness to other solicitation requirements. This module also highlights the process to manage tie and erroneous bids, as well as how to recognize when it is appropriate to make a single versus multiple award.

Fixed Assets and Surplus Property

State agencies are responsible for managing their inventory and properly retiring assets to the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property. This module examines the requirements for entering assets into the wvOASIS Fixed Assets System and the process for disposing of property once it is no longer needed by the owning state agency.

Request for Proposals (RFP) Evaluation / Best Value Procurement

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are a best value procurement method used when the scope of work is not well defined, and cost is not the sole determining factor for award. This module defines the RFP method of procurement and highlights some of the steps required prior to utilizing this method, examines the six sections of the RFP Standard Format, and discusses the responsibilities of the agency and Purchasing Division in the RFP evaluation process.

Request for Quotations (RFQ)

This module highlights the acquisition planning steps required prior to the actual bidding process, the importance of writing clear and concise specifications, and other agency responsibilities prior to and during the advertisement of the RFQ.

Special Purchasing Processes

From emergency situations to direct award procurements, this module highlights processes that occur only when special circumstances require a different set of processes than those which are seen in typical procurements.

Vendor Remedies: Protests, Circuit Court, and Court of Claims

This module analyzes the three remedies available to vendors when they feel the procurement process has not been properly executed.

Writing Specifications

Developing effective specifications plays an important role in the procurement process. This module examines the differences between good and bad specifications and how they can affect the types of bids received.





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