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Welcome to the Purchasing Division's Online Training Center. 

This area of our web site was created specifically for state employees to supplement the Procedures Handbook.  It is intended to be a repository of links, resources, reference materials, how-to guides, and educational materials relating to state purchasing process.  All materials presented here are free and self-paced.


We encourage you to send your comments, questions, and suggestions regarding the training program to:

Samantha Knapp, Administrative Services Manager
Department of Administration
Purchasing Division
2019 Washington Street, East
Charleston, WV  25305-0130
(304) 558-7022

The information contained on the Purchasing Division’s website reflects the process and procedures for state agency procurement under the statutory authority prescribed in West Virginia Code Section 5A-3-1 et seq., and the Code of State Rules Section 148-1-1 et seq.  This information pertains only to those non-exempt state agencies required to abide by the aforementioned law and rule.



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