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The Purchasing Division oversees various programs and services for the state of West Virginia, including the procurement of goods and services for state agencies, the state’s Travel Management, the Surplus Property programs and the state’s Inventory Management.

Structurally, the division consists of the Director's Office and three sections:  Acquisitions and Contract Administration, Communication and Technical Services, and Program Services.  To view the Purchasing Division's Organization Chart, click here.

The division’s primary office is located at:

2019 Washington Street, E.,
P.O. Box 50130
Charleston, WV 25305

Director's Office
Oversees the management of the West Virginia Purchasing Division.

David Tincher, Purchasing Director
(304) 558-2538
Fax:  (304) 558-0006

Debbie Watkins, Administrative Secretary
(304) 558-3568

James Meadows, Attorney 
(304) 558-8806

Acquisition and Contract Administration Section 
This section is responsible for the procurement of products and services for state agencies in excess of $25,000; the oversight of contract management and inspection services.  This section strives to provide quality services in the most efficient manner.

Mike Sheets, Assistant Purchasing Director 
(304) 558-0492
Fax:  (304) 558-4115

Acquisitions Unit

Tara Lyle, Buyer Supervisor
(304) 558-2544

Guy Nisbet, Buyer Supervisor
(304) 558-2596

Frank Whittaker, Buyer Supervisor
(304) 558-2316

Gregory Clay, Senior Buyer 
(304) 558-2566

Beth Collins, Senior Buyer
(304) 558-2157

Misty Delong, Buyer
(304) 558-8802

Bob Kilpatrick, Senior Buyer
(304) 558-0067

Evelyn Melton, Senior Buyer
(304) 558-7023

Melissa Pettrey, Buyer
(304) 558-0094

Crystal Rink, Senior Buyer
(304) 558-2402

Dean Wingerd, Senior Buyer
(304) 558-0468

Contract Management Unit

Alan Cummings, Contract Manager 
(304) 558-5780

Junior Blount, Inspector
(304) 558-3488

Shane Hall, Inspector
(304) 558-8803

Mitzie Howard, Inspector
(304) 558-2037

Communication and Technical Services Section
This section focuses on technology, communication and training.  Functions include maintaining the automated purchasing system, networking services, division’s website, conferences, seminars, on-line training, vendor registration, purchase order encumbrance, bid receipt/requests and records retention.

Diane Holley-Brown, Assistant Purchasing Director
(304) 558-0661
Fax:  (304) 558-6026

FOIA Requests
Submit to:

Communication and Professional Development Unit

Samantha Knapp, Manager
(304) 558-7022

Vacant, Public Information Specialist 
(304) 558-4213

Chad Williamson, Public Information Specialist 
(304) 558-2315

Technical Services Unit

Mark Totten, Manager 
(304) 558-7839

Alisha Pettit, Programmer Analyst
(304) 558-0247

Lu Anne Cottrill, Quality Control and Transparency Specialist
(304) 558-3486 

Vendor Registration

Gail Montantez, Acting Vendor Registration Coordinator
(304) 558-2311

Support Services Unit

Beverly Toler, Supervisor
(304) 558-2336

Records Retention

Melissa Skiles, Imaging Operator 1
(304) 558-2312

Program Services Section 
This section is responsible for various programs administered by the division, including the Travel Management Unit, which offers guidance to state employees; the Surplus Property Unit, which manages the state and federal programs; and the Fixed Assets Unit, which maintains the state’s inventory of property.

Elizabeth Perdue, Assistant Purchasing Director
(304) 766-2626
Fax: (304) 766-2631

Inventory Management

VACANT, Office Assistant 
(304) 356-2424

Travel Management Unit

Catherine DeMarco, Manager
(304) 558-2613

Surplus Property Unit
Web Site:

Elizabeth Perdue, Surplus Property Manager
(304) 766-2626

Anthony Cooper, State Warehouse Supervisor
(304) 356-2430

Doug Elkins, Vehicle Coordinator
(304) 356-2428 


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