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Statewide Contract for Small Package Delivery Service

This blanket, open-end contract is in accordance with Legislative Rule Section 148-1-7-9.1 and is to provide small package delivery services to all state agencies and political subdivisions.

Contract Change Order Vendor
Contract Archives - Listed below are inactive versions of this statewide contract that are no longer available for use by state agencies.  These remain online for reference and archival purposes only.
Contract Change Order Vendor
   Ordering Instructions  
  Usage Summary  
PKGSVS17 Change Order 1 FEDEX
  Change Order 2  
  Change Order 3  
  Change Order 4  
  Change Order 5  
  Change Order 6  
  Change Order 7  
  Change Order 8  
  Change Order 9  
PKGSVS16 Change Order 1 FEDEX
  Change Order 2  


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