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Statewide Contract Index
(Mandatory Contracts)

This web page is your connection to the statewide contracts issued by the Purchasing Division.

A statewide contract is a legal and binding instrument between the state and a vendor which is used by all state agencies and some political subdivisions, such as municipalities, counties, boards of education, to purchase frequently-used commodities and services. State agencies that are statutorily required to follow the guidelines established by the Purchasing Division must use these mandatory contracts.

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Below is a listing of all statewide contracts by description and contract code (name). By clicking the highlighted contract code, you will be directed to additional information on that particular contract. All contracts and subsequent changes will be included on this secondary page. Please note that some contracts are awarded to multiple vendors. In these cases, an alpha character (A, B, or C, etc.) will follow the contract name.

To assist in finding a certain commodity, a search box is available that you may enter various keywords to help identify a particular statewide contract. Simply type in any related keyword in this box and hit “Go.” A list of possible matches will show, from which you may select.


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Description Contract Buyer
Airfare AIRFARE 21
Asbestos Abatement ABATMNT 52
Antennas  ANTENNAS 22
Batteries, Automotive and Equipment AEBATT 53
Batteries, Dry Cell DCBATT 22
Bedding BEDDING 32
Cable, Coaxial CABLE 41
Can Liners, Trash CANLINE 22
Centrex and related services CENTREX 21
Computers (including Desktop and Laptop) and Monitors IP 21
Communication Towers and Accessories COMMTOWER 22
Copiers, Digital DIGCOP 32
Data Circuits DATA 41
Debt Collection Services DEBT 32
Dishwashing Dispensing Equipment and Detergent DWASH 22
Electronic Monitoring of Offender Services ELECMON 32
Emergency Vehicle Lighting EMERLIGHT 32
ESRI Products ESRI 21
Fasteners and Accessories (including Screws, Nuts and Bolts) FASTEN 23
Filters, Oil, Gas and Air FILTER 23
Finance, Master Lease Agreement FINANCE 21
Fingerprinting Equipment and Supplies FNGRPRNT 32
Floor Covering FLRCOV 53
Food, Canned and Staple Groceries FOOD 32
Food, Cereals and Cold Breakfast Products CEREAL 32
Food, Disposable Products DFS 22
Fuel, Gasoline, Diesel, Heating, Motor FUEL 23
Household Cleaning Supplies HOUSE 22
One Ton, Crew Cab, Short Bed Pick-Up Trucks HVYTRUCK 33
Human Resource Related Personnel Assessment Tools HRDEV 52
Industrial Supplies and Equipment INDEQP 33
Internet Protocol Voice Communications VOIP 21
Inventory Identification Tags TAG 32
Laboratory Supplies LABSUP 32
Laundry Materials LAUNDRY 22
Latex Gloves LGLOVES 32
Lawn Maintenance Equipment LAWN 53
Local Area Network (including Software, Hardware and Services) LAN 21
Long Distance Telephone Services LDPHONE 41
Mailing Equipment MAILEQP 52
Master Agreement, IBM MA05SW19 21
Microsoft Select Agreement MSMSELECT 21
Microsoft Master Services Aggreement "Enterprise" MSMENTPRZ 21
Master Agreement, Oracle MSORACLE14 21
Master Agreement, SAS Software Licensing MA11SW01 21
Medical Supplies MEDSUP 32
Multi-Protocol Label Switching and Services MPLS 21
Office Furniture SYSFURN 22
Office Supplies OFFICE 32
Oil, Motor, Hydraulic, Transmission, Diesel and Multi-Purpose OIL 52
Paint and Supplies PAINT 52
Paper, Various PAPER 22
Prefabricated Buildings for Radio Communication PFBLDGRAD 22
Purchasing Card Services PCARD 41
Radios, Parts and Components RADIO 22
Record Management Services RECMGT 21
Sanitary Paper Supplies SANPAP 53
School Buses SBUS 33
Security Guard Services SECSVS 32
Software, Microsoft Enterprise and Select LARMS 21
Temporary Employment Services TEMP 22
Tires, New NTIRES 53
Tires, Retread and Tire Repair RTIRE 23
Travel Credit Card Services TCARD 53
Travel Management Services TRAVEL 33
Vehicles, Automotive MV 41
Vehicles, Police Cruiser PC 52
Vehicle Rental Services CRENTAL 52
Westlaw Subscription Services WESTLAW 23
Wide Area Network (including Hardware, Software and Services) WAN 21
Wireless Technology (including Cellular Telephones and Tablets with Data Plans) CPHONE 21
WVARF State Use Approved Commodities and Services WVARF 52
WVARF State Use Approved Janitorial Services WVRFJAN 23

The information on this site is offered for the convenience of our Internet visitors. Please note the site is not maintained in real time; therefore, contract activity such as an award, renewal, extension or cancellation may occur before the information is posted. Official copies of each statewide contract are on file in the Purchasing Division offices located at 2019 Washington Street, East, Charleston, West Virginia. In the event a discrepancy is found between the scanned version appearing on this web site and the official copy, the information contained in the official copy will prevail.

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