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Welcome to the Purchasing Division’s Contracts page.

This site is dedicated to contracts which the Purchasing Division has approved for use by state agencies and political subdivisions. Statewide contracts are issued for many frequently-used commodities and services. These contracts, which are mandatory for use by state agencies, provide economies of scale for agencies throughout the state. Piggyback contracts may be used by state agencies and political subdivisions and may provide additional savings. If a piggyback contract replaces a statewide contract for that particular commodity, it is considered mandatory for use by state agencies. All contracts issued by the Purchasing Division are available by clicking the buttons above and are distinguished as “mandatory” or “optional.”

Please note the site is not maintained in real time; therefore contract activity such as an award, renewal, extension or cancellation may occur before the information is posted. Official copies of these contracts are on file in the Purchasing Division office located at 2019 Washington Street, East, Charleston, West Virginia.


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