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Purchasing Division Closed for State Holiday
The West Virginia Purchasing Division will be closed on Monday, February 15, 2016, in observance of the Presidents Day federal holiday. The Purchasing Division offices will reopen Tuesday, February 16, 2016, at 8:15 AM.


West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin Completes Transition to wvOASIS
The West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin in its traditional format, published by the West Virginia Purchasing Division from December 1, 1989 to October 17, 2014, has now completely transitioned to the wvOASIS ERP system where the new West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin, now part of the Vendor Self-Service portal, will continue to be the method used by the State of West Virginia to advertise competitive-bidding opportunities.

This new West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin went live with Phase C of the wvOASIS project on July 8, 2014.  In its new location within Vendor Self-Service, the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin is still designed to encourage vendors to do business with the State of West Virginia.  This expanded bulletin in Vendor Self-Service at wvOASIS.gov contains, in addition to centralized solicitations expected to exceed $25,000, now also contains bid opportunities at the agency-designated level expected to exceed $5,000.  Vendors are highly encouraged to view the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin in VSS for even more state government bidding opportunities.


Purchasing Division Launches Page Focusing on Upcoming Procurement-Procedure Changes for Vendor Community
The West Virginia Purchasing Division has created a new section of its website, WVPurchasing.gov, intended to help inform vendors doing business with the State of West Virginia of upcoming changes to state procurement procedures following the implementation of the Vendor Self-Service module of the new wvOASIS ERP system.  The wvOASIS Procurement page is aimed specifically at our active vendor community that might currently be using the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin to learn of advertised solicitations, participating in the competitive bid process, or maintaining an active Vendor Registration file with the West Virginia Purchasing Division.

The wvOASIS Procurement page will be updated by the Purchasing Division.  Please check repeatedly for information that will assist your company with the ongoing transition.  For more information on the wvOASIS project, visit wvOASIS.gov

The Buyers Network
For more news, check out the latest issue of The Buyers Network.


Fall Mandatory Training Completed, Spring 2016 Session Scheduled
On November 16, 2015, the West Virginia Purchasing Division and State Auditor’s Office cooperatively presented the State Officials’ Purchasing Procedures and Purchasing-Card Training in the West Virginia State Training Center (Capitol Complex Building 7).  Approximately 100 high-level state government officials were in attendance.

The next Purchasing Procedures and Purchasing-Card Training will be offered April 27, 2016.  Registration will open at a later date.

West Virginia Code §5A-3-60 requires the state’s high-level officials to “take two hours of training on purchasing procedures and purchasing cards annually.”  Individuals required to attend include “all executive department secretaries, commissioners, deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners, directors, deputy directors, assistant directors, department heads, deputy department heads and assistant department heads...”  For those not able to attend this training in person, a video recording is available online and will meet the requirement as prescribed in West Virginia Code §5A-3-60.

Additional information regarding this training session or the online recording may be found on the WV SAO's website dedicated to this training.  Please contact Administrative Services Manager Samantha Knapp at (304) 558-7022 or Samantha.S.Knapp@wv.gov with any questions.


In-House Training Program Continues to Offer Benefits to State-Agency Purchasers
As part of its 2015 In-House Training Program, the Purchasing Division continues to offer monthly training sessions which cover a variety of purchasing-related topics.

Workshops offered include, but are not limited to:  An Introduction to West Virginia's State Purchasing Process, a day-long session teaching the basics of the state purchasing process to individuals with two years or less procurement experience; Best-Value Procurements; Implementing Special Purchases; Legal Responsibilities of Contracting; Purchasing for the Non-Purchasing Manager; Solicitation Process:  From Pre-Planning to Award.

These sessions are free to all agency purchasers who are required to procure under West Virginia Code §5A-3 and are conducted at the West Virginia Capitol Complex in Charleston.  Space is limited and registration is given on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional information or to register for these trainings, you may contact Administrative Services Manager Samantha Knapp at (304) 558-7022 or view a copy of the 2015 In-House Training Program Registration Form and Workshop Summary

Job Opportunities 

There are no job opportunities at the Purchasing Division at this time.   Please check back periodically for upcoming job opportunities.  For a listing of other West Virginia state job opportunities, please visit the Division of Personnel website.  


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