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Statewide Contract for Police Cruisers

This contract includes all-wheel drive police pursuit sedans and sports utility vehicles.

Contract Change Order Vendor
PC16   Stephens Auto Center

Contract Archives - Listed below are inactive versions of this statewide contract that are no longer available for use by state agencies.  These remain online for reference and archival purposes only.

Contract Archives (Inactive)
Contract Change Order Vendor
PC12 Change Order 1 Stephens Auto Center
  Change Order 2  
  Change Order 3  
  PC11 Synopsis  
PC11A   Stephens Auto Center
PC11B   Hurricane Chevrolet Inc.
PC11CA Change Order 01 Glendale Motor Co
PC11D   Greenbrier Motor Co Inc.
  PC10 Synopsis  
PC10A   Stephens Auto Center
PC10B   Hurricane Chevrolet Inc.
  PC09 Synopsis  
PC09A   Glendale Motor Co
PC09B   Stephens Auto Center
PC09C   Country Club Chrysler Dodge SP
PC08 Memo PC08 Contract Synopsis PC08 Memorandum
PC08A   Stephens Auto Center
PC08B Change Order 1 Hurricane Chevrolet Inc.
PC08C Change Order 1 Country Club Chrysler Dodge SP
PC07AAA Change Order 1 Bert Wolfe Ford & Porsche Audi
PC07B   Country Club Chrysler Dodge SP
PC07C   Hurricane Chevrolet Inc.
PC07D   Stephens Auto Center
PC06A Change Order 1 Country Club Chrysler Ply Dodge
  Change Order 2  
PC06B   Hurricane Chevrolet Inc.
PC06C   Stephens Auto Center
PC05A   Country Club Chrysler Ply Dodge
PC05B   Hurricane Chevrolet Inc.
PC05C   Stephens Auto Center


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