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Vehicle Reporting

Vehicle Reporting:  The below procedure guides will assist state agency employees through the wvOASIS-based steps for this process:

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) from a Shell Record for a Vehicle

Add a Fixed Asset (FA) Standalone Record for a Vehicle (no Shell Record)

Add a Fixed Asset (FD) Disposal (Retirement)

Agencies are responsible for reporting all vehicles and equipment requiring a state license plate into wvOASIS Fixed Assets by July 1, 2018.

• One ton and under vehicles – Catalog 02 (currently is titled Vehicles - Agency Owned)

• Over one-ton vehicles – Catalog 03 (currently is titled Vehicles - Travel Management)

• Vehicles requiring a CDL to operate – Catalog 03

All Spending Units must annually affirm the accuracy of their vehicle Fixed Assets with the West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property on or before July 15.

For a link to the Vehicle Inventory Certification Cover Sheet, please see below:

Vehicle Inventory Asset Management Certification Cover Sheet 

Each Agency Fleet Coordinator shall input each state-owned vehicle he or she manages into wvOASIS Fixed Assets, except for those vehicles that are financed by the Fleet Management Division (FMD).  FMD will enter those vehicles into the wvOASIS Fixed Assets system.  FMD requests that vehicle information be entered in Fixed Asset fields as follows:

MANUFACTURER = Enter the 3- or 4-digit code from the Make and Model section of the registration card

MODEL = Enter full name of vehicle model (example:  GRAND CHEROKEE)

DRAWING = Enter year of the vehicle (example:  2018)

SERIAL NUMBER = Enter VIN of the vehicle (NOTE:  VINs are usually 17 digits, no letters I or O).

SPECIFICATION = Enter exterior vehicle color (example:  Blue, Silver)



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