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Cooperative Purchasing Program

Welcome to the State of West Virginia’s Cooperative Purchasing Program. We are pleased to offer eligible participants the opportunity to benefit from this valuable program.

The Cooperative Purchasing Program allows eligible political subdivisions the opportunity to purchase from statewide contracts, in accordance with the West Virginia Code, §5A-3-8. For many years, counties, county schools, municipalities, urban mass transportation authorities of county and municipal governments, volunteer fire departments, and other local governmental bodies within the state have benefited from the discounted savings on our statewide contracts.

Most political subdivisions are required to obtain competitive bids for commodity and service needs. The Purchasing Division has obtained competitive bids--whenever possible--for the commodities and services covered by the contracts.

Does purchasing from statewide contracts save money? Definitely! Bids have been based on quantity information provided by State Agency participants to ensure the lowest price possible is being obtained for the commodity. Also time and administrative costs are saved by not having to repeat the competitive bid process.

These contracts offer a large variety of commodities and services which have been requested and are utilized on a regular basis by other state agencies. Specifications have been prepared to ensure quality materials, equipment, and services are provided through a formal competitive bid process. In most cases, purchasing from statewide contracts meets your requirement for competitive bidding, permitting you to bypass this process, resulting in time and administrative-cost savings for the participating subdivision. We are enhancing the program by providing interested participants an opportunity to review statewide contract information electronically. We invite you to take a moment to review this information.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Mike Sheets at 304-558-0492. Your interest and participation in this program is welcome and greatly appreciated.


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