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- Application Process Overview -
3 Easy Steps to Success

1. Review the Open Jobs and Read the Job Posting. 
You must apply on or before any closing date. Do NOT apply if you do not meet ALL minimum qualifications. The posting will tell you if there is an examination.
2. Complete an Online Application.  From the online Job Posting, click the "Apply" link.

If this is the first time you are applying using the online job application system, you will need to create a secure account and select a Username and Password. After your account has been created, Click the Create Application link to start your application. You MUST complete all parts of the application, even if you include a resume. Your application can be saved and used to apply for more than one open job posting. Each time you submit an application, we receive an electronic copy of your application. Changes you make to your account application do NOT change previously submitted applications. If you must update a previous application, notify us by letter. For more detailed information about creating an account and an online application, please view this brief Employment Application Guide.
If you cannot apply online due to disability or other valid reason, call our office for paper application instructions.

Note: The posting will indicate if you are required to send copies of any post-secondary education or license verification (diploma, certificate). For veterans preference, include copy of DD214.   [Important Application Tips]

3. Examinations and Application Assessments. 
Most jobs do not require written testing. If a written test is required, you MUST apply BEFORE testing. If you apply online do NOT take a copy of the online application to the test center. Paper application users, MUST take the completed paper application to a test center on the day of the test. No testing appointment is necessary, but be sure to check the test schedules.
THERE IS NO FEE FOR TESTING. Cell phones are prohibited. A photo ID is required.

If you need accommodations for a disability, call our office. If no written test is required simply submit your application online. Paper applications may take longer to process. We cannot accept applications by email. Scores for jobs that do not require a written test are based on a rating of your training and experience.


What happens after I apply?

You should receive a score in 4 to 6 weeks. We regret this delay. Due to significantly increased volume of applications we are considering additional steps to prioritize and speed application processing.

If you qualify and pass any required test your name will be added to the eligibles list or register. There is an eligibles list for each announced job title. Your name will remain available for agency referral for one (1) year. When a vacancy occurs, the hiring agency requests the names of eligibles who are available to work at the job location. Eligibles are referred in score order, highest to lowest. Agencies may choose to interview and appoint anyone of the top 10 eligibles (including ties) or anyone at or above the 90th percentile.

Depending on hiring needs, your name may be referred to any of more than 30 state agencies. This approach enables applicants to efficiently compete for many jobs without having to apply at multiple locations. If you are selected for interview or employment, the agency will notify you. You may re-apply; however, there is a waiting period to apply for the exact same job title and level. The waiting period is 90 days unless stated in the posting.

Because state government is so large and diverse, job opportunities are constantly changing. The state has a continuous need for workers in many fields, including: health, medical, IT, legal, clerical, financial, engineering, construction, maintenance, social services, and corrections. Interested persons should contact individual agencies or facilities about their future hiring plans. [Directory]


If you have questions or want more detailed information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). You may select specific topic links on the Jobs Opportunities Page. For information about the online application, please view the Employment Application Guide.

If after reviewing the information on this Web site you have questions, call: (304) 558-3950

If convenient, you may visit our office. We are located in the Charleston Capitol Complex, Building 6, Room 420.

 The State of West Virginia is an Equal Opportunity Employer.   [Learn more.

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