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This web page was developed to help state government job applicants with disabilities learn about the options available in the examination and hiring process.

As one of the largest, most diversified employers in the State, West Virginia State Government offers a broad range of opportunities to qualified individuals looking for a challenging career in public service. With literally hundreds of different job titles, and facilities in almost every county, our 20,000+ employees apply their skills to many disciplines and services. We're always looking for good people who are interested in making a real contribution to the future of our State. With us, ability is what counts not disability.

The State of West Virginia recognizes that the successful employment of persons with disabilities can only be accomplished through understanding, flexible procedures, and a spirit of cooperation. Finding a job is never an easy task.

This is especially true of individuals with special needs. This web page provides information on State employment procedures, accommodations, and special programs to assist disabled persons in applying for jobs in State Government. Specific information about jobs currently open for application is available on our Staffing Services page.

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Information on State employment is available at many Job Service Offices located throughout the State. In addition, the Division of Personnel will provide individual job information by telephone, letter, or in person at our offices in the Charleston Capitol Complex. Comprehensive information about the application process and scheduled examinations is also available on our Web site. For information about a specific agency's future hiring plans, you should contact the administrative offices of that agency.


State job openings are advertised by means of employment examination announcements. These are available on our Web site, or you may request paper copies by contacting our office. Some job classes are open for application on a continuous basis. Application forms and other documents describing open jobs, minimum qualifications, and testing locations are also available on request.

All applicants, with or without a disability, can apply for any job they are qualified to do. To determine if you qualify, read the job announcement. If you need assistance in determining whether or not you meet the minimum requirements, or assistance in completing the application, please visit our office or contact a Division of Personnel job counselor. We are always happy to help.

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All positions in agencies covered by the Division of Personnel merit system require competitive assessment. For many jobs there is no written test. Instead, your score and rank are based solely on a review of the education and experience described in your application documents. For some jobs, applicants must take and pass a written multiple-choice test. In these tests applicants answer questions by selecting one of 4 or 5 lettered responses and marking a lettered space on a special answer sheet form. In addition to multiple-choice tests, some office support jobs may also include typing or keyboard tests. All job announcements clearly show what kind of tests are used.


Many applicants with disabilities will follow the usual competitive examination process. Written and clerical performance tests are administered at test centers throughout the State. Our offices and all testing locations are fully accessible. If no special testing accommodation is requested, no testing appointment is needed. Applicants may call our office for information on test center locations and test dates.

In some cases, the regular testing process may present special problems or hardships to persons with disabilities. Sometimes, the manner in which the test is given may be modified to more accurately evaluate a disabled applicant's true abilities.

Whenever possible, the Division of Personnel will consider and accommodate your needs so that you may do your best on any examination. If you have a disability and need testing accommodations, please tell us. When you complete the application, include a note or contact our office to describe the kind of accommodation you need.

It is important that you notify us prior to your anticipated test date. No pre-employment medical exams are required. Your request for assistance and any information you voluntarily provide will be kept confidential and separate from your application records. Testing accommodations are determined and approved on a case-by-case basis.

As a rule, the Division of Personnel does not require applicants to present disability verification from a medical or other qualified authority. However, in those cases in which there may be a question about whether or not the applicant has a disability which requires special testing accommodation, appropriate documentation may be requested. This will most often occur when the disability is hidden or not otherwise apparent.

Listed below are some of the accommodations we have used:

To request an accommodation write us, or call (304) 558-3950 extension 57207.

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This program was created to meet the special needs of physically and mentally disabled persons who cannot equitably compete using accepted test accommodations. There are no restrictions on type of disability per se. In general, the applicant must have a disability which affects his or her vocational interests and results in substantial difficulty in obtaining employment.

Under this program, severely disabled persons may be certified by the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) to be qualified to perform the essential functions of a specific position opening. Qualifying persons are not required to take the regular competitive examination. Instead, the applicant's job related skills, training and experience are assessed by a Rehabilitation Services profession and compared to the requirements of a specific position.


Eligibility for Selective Placement is determined by procedures established jointly by the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) and the Division of Personnel. To participate, you do not have to be a Rehabilitation Services client.

To qualify you must:

When a State agency tells the Division of Personnel it wants to consider Selective Placement program eligibles for a specific vacancy, we contact the Division of Rehabilitation Services to obtain the names of any qualified severely disabled eligibles available for referral. The agency may interview and appoint someone from this referral or request names from the regular competitive eligibles list.

In most cases, the state agency will work closely with a rehabilitation counselor and/or qualified person with a disability prior to the actual referral to determine how the job duties and work environment may be designed to best utilize the person's skills.


To be referred under the Selective Placement program, your job skills must be professionally evaluated in relation to the requirements of a specific position. You should contact a Rehabilitation Services Counselor to arrange a consultation and case evaluation. The counselor will determine whether or not your disability qualifies for Selective Placement, or whether competitive test accommodations would be more appropriate. Seeking referral under the Selective Placement program does not prevent a disabled applicant from requesting and receiving reasonable accommodations in the regular competitive testing process. Nor does participation in regular testing preclude a subsequent determination of Selective Placement eligibility.

If you meet disability requirements, and your employment interests and qualifications have been identified and evaluated, your name will be added to the Division of Rehabilitation Services referral list. No score will be assigned to your eligibility record.

You, your rehabilitation counselor, or other representative may want to review current job announcements, talk with a Division of Personnel employment counselor, or contact individual agencies to identify specific job openings.


You may be contacted for a job interview by any agency wishing to fill vacancies. We must emphasize, Selective Placement eligibility is no guarantee that you will be interviewed or hired.

When you are offered a job, the employing agency will provide any reasonable job accommodation you need. You must serve the regular 6-month probationary period. If you satisfactorily complete the probationary period, you will gain permanent status with all the rights and privileges of other permanent employees.

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If you have any questions or need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us. Our address and phone numbers are shown below.


WV Division of Personnel
State Capitol Complex, Building 6, Room B-420
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305-0139

For job information, counseling, application assistance, or testing accommodations contact:

Staffing Services Section
Phone: (304) 558-3950, extension 57207

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Links and Other Disability Services and Information

For the determination of eligibility under the Selective Placement Program for Persons with Severe Disabilities, please contact a local counseling office of the Division of Rehabilitation Services.

For the locations of Division of Rehabilitation Services offices and additional information about rehabilitation assistance please visit the Division of Rehabilitation Services Web Site

Telephone Number: 1-800-642-8207 (Voice or TDD)

Other related links are available under Disabilities and ADA Information on our Links page.

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