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Agency Travel Coordinators

Below is a listing of all designated travel coordinators for West Virginia state agencies.  The individuals identified below as State Agency Travel Coordinators are primarily responsible for the approval of travel within the departments, agencies, and spending units indicated.  Each department, agency, or spending unit should have at least one primary State Agency Travel Coordinator designated and as many backup Travel Coordinators as is necessary.

To ensure adequate understanding of the State Travel Rules, the designee(s) will receive regular communication with any updates to the policies, clarification of rules, and processing information.  It will be the responsibility of the designated State Agency Travel Coordinator(s) to disseminate this information to state employees within his or her department, agency, or spending unit.

Should your agency’s travel coordinator not be listed below or the information appears to be incorrect, please submit a new State Agency Travel Coordinator designation form to Purchasing.Travel@wv.gov.

For an archive of electronic communication between the Purchasing Division's Travel Management Office and state agency travel coordinators, please click the button below.

Please direct questions to the appropriate coordinator for your agency, found below.


State Agency Travel Coordinators

Department/Agency Coordinator Name Email Telephone
Accountancy, Board of Stefani Young stefani.d.young@wv.gov    304-558-3557
  Sara Short sara.b.short@wv.gov 304-558-3557
Acupuncture, Board of Linda Lyter linda_lyter@frontier.com  304-558-1060 
  Kendra Zamora boardofhearingaiddealers@frontier.com 304-558-1060
Adjutant General - WV Military Authority   Rhonda Wick rhonda.c.wick.nfg@mail.mil 304-561-6302
  Anne Keller anne.l.keller.nfg@mail.mil 304-561-6301
Administration, Department of  Kelly Williams  kelly.a.williams@wv.gov   304-558-6181 
  Sheila Gray shelia.a.gray@wv.gov 304-558-6181
Administrative Services, Division of  Jennifer Wilson  jennifer.a.wilson@wv.gov   304-558-2350 
  Tina Desmond   tina.m.desmond@wv.gov 304-558-2350 
Justice and Community Services (DAS)  Joseph Thornton   joseph.c.thornton@wv.gov 304-558-8814 
  Jeffrey Estep  jeff.d.estep@wv.gov 304-558-8814 
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration  Julia Jones  julia.m.jones@wv.gov 304-356-5510 
  Stephanie Filiaggi   stephanie.k.filiaggi@wv.gov 304-356-5512 
  Belinda Burdette  belinda.k.burdette@wv.gov   304-356-5516 
Architects, Board of  Emily Papadopoulos  emily.b.papadopoulos@wv.gov   304-558-1406 
Arts, Culture and History, Department of  Sam Calvert  samuel.j.calvert@wv.gov   304-558-0220 
  Andrea Thompson  andrea.d.thompson@wv.gov   304-558-0220 
Attorney General's Office  Samuel Curia  Samuel.a.Curia@wvago.gov   304-558-2021 
  Richard Stricklen  Richard.c.Stricklen@wvago.gov   304-558-2021 
  Angela Price  Angela.m.Price@wvago.gov   304-558-2021 
Auditor's Office  Kelly Smith  kelley.smith@wvsao.gov 304-558-2251 
  Nathan Ellis  Nathan.ellis@wvsao.gov   304-558-2251 
Aviation Division  Charles McDowell, II  Chip.r.McDowell@wv.gov   304-558-0403 
  Tierra Gable  Tierra.s.gable@wv.gov   304-558-0403 
Barbers and Cosmetologists, Board of  Danielle Cordle  danielle.j.cordle@wv.gov   304-558-2924 
Chiropractic Examiners, Board of  Barbara Johnson  wvchiroboard@outlook.com   304-746-7839 
Coal Heritage Area Authority (National)  Melanie Hamrick  mhamrick@coalheritage.org   304-465-3720 
  Linda Hawkins  lhawkins@coalheritage.org   304-465-3720 
Commerce, Department of  Kimberly Miller  kimberly.l.miller@wv.gov   304-957-2013 
Consolidated Public Retirement Board   Tina Eddy tina.l.eddy@wv.gov 304-558-3570
  Cindy Adkins  cindy.l.Adkins@wv.gov   304-558-3570 
Consumer Advocate Division  Jennifer Stotts  jstotts@cad.state.wv.us   304-558-0526 
  Jacqueline Roberts  jrobers@cad.state.wv.us   304-558-0526 
Counseling Examiners, Board of  Rachelle Martin  rachelle.s.martin@wv.gov 304-558-5494 
  Cheryl Henry   counselingboard@msn.com   304-558-5494 
Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority  Melissa Smith  melissa.smith@wvcfia.com   304-558-5435 
DMAPS - Office of the Secretary  Michael Cutlip  michael.w.cutlip@wv.gov   304-558-2930 
  Stephanie Tiller  stephanie.r.tiller@wv.gov   304-558-2930 
Deaf and Blind, Schools for the  Mark Gandolfi  mgandolfi@k12.wv.us   304-822-4810 
  Anne Heavener  awheavener@k12.wv.us   304-822-4812 
Dentistry, Board of  Susan Combs  wvbde@suddenlinkmail.com   304-252-8266 
Development Office  Kimberly Miller  kimberly.l.miller@wv.gov   304-957-2013 
Economic Development Authority  Jackie Browning  jackie.a.browning@wv.gov   681-313-2345 
Education, Department of  Phillip Uy  puy@k12.wv.us   304-558-2686 
Educational Broadcast Authority  Kristina Dodd  Kdodd@WVPulic.org   304-556-4903 
  Steven Grindstaff  Sgrindstaff@WVPublic.org   304-254-7850 
Energy, Department of  Kimberly Miller  kimberly.l.miller@wv.gov   304-957-2013 
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Board  Evan Pauley  evan.pauley@wvoasis.gov   304-356-2462 
Environmental Protection, Department of  Dorisa West  Dorisa.l.west@wv.gov   304-926-0499 ext 41929 
  Joselyn Sturgill  Joselyn.Sturgill@wv.gov   304-926-0499 ext 41930 
Equal Employment Opportunity, Office of  Beverly Reed  beverly.r.reed@wv.gov   304-558-0857 
Ethics Commission  Teri Anderson  Teri.l.Anderson@wv.gov   304-558-0664 
  Ellen Briggs  Ellen.m.Briggs@wv.gov   304-558-0664 
Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses, Board of  Victoria Carter  victoria.l.carter@wv.gov   304-558-3572 
Examiners Medical Imaging  Jamie Browning  Jamie.s.Browning@wv.gov   304-558-4011 
Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses, Board of  Margaret "Marty" Alston  margaret.e.alston@wv.gov   304-744-0900 
  Sarah Fisher  sara.e.fisher@wv.gov   304-744-0900 
Examiners for Speech & Audiology, Board of  Patricia Nesbitt  patricia.j.nesbitt@wv.gov   304-473-4289 
Examiners of Psychologists, Board of  Kathy Lynch  kathy.g.lynch@wv.gov   304-558-3040 
Financial Institutions, Division of  Lori Debruyn  lDebuyn@wvdob.org   304-558-2294 ext 206 
Fire Commission  Melissa Hapney  melissa.d.hapney@wv.gov   304-558-2350 ext 53574 
  Courtney Aston  courtney.i.aston@wv.gov   304-558-2191 ext 53210 
Fleet Management  Becky Farmer  beckyc.farmer@wv.gov   304-957-8207 
Forestry, Division of  Andrew Nunn Andrew.K.Nunn@wv.gov   304-558-2788 ext 51778 
  Rachel Perry  Rachel.s.Perry@wv.gov   304-558-2788 ext 51772 
Funeral Service Examiners, Board of  Linda Lyter  linda_lyter@frontier.com   304-558-0302 
Kendra Zamore  boardofhearingaiddealers@frontier.com  304-558-0302 
General Services Division  Ada Kennedy   Ada.m.Kennedy@wv.gov   304-957-7155 
  Angela Nitardy  Angela.d.Nitardy@wv.gov   304-957-7120 
Geological & Economic Survey  Hanna Law  hlaw@geoserv.wvnet.edu   304-594-2331 
Governor's Office  Mary Lipford  mary.m.lipford@wv.gov   304-558-2000 
Health and Human Resources, Department of Robin Grindstaff robin.c.grindstaff@wv.gov 304-558-6348
  Craig Bosworth craig.p.bosworth@wv.gov 304-558-5904
Hearing Aid Dealers, Board of  Kendra Zamora  boardofhearingaiddealers@frontier.com  304-558-3527 
  Linda Lyter  linda_lyter@frontier.com   304-558-3527 
Highways - Central Office  Virginia Dravenstott  ginny.l.dravenstott@wv.gov   304-414-6695 
Highways - Equipment (Buckhannon)  Jeff Pifer  Jeff.m.pifer@wv.gov   304-473-5356 
  Aaron Campbell  a.todd.campbell@wv.gov   304-473-5354 
  Dee Brown  dee.l.brown@wv.gov   304-473-5328 
  Michelle Wright  Michele.r.wright@wv.gov   304-473-5346 
Highways, District One (Charleston)  Dessie King  Dessie.G.King@wv.gov   304-558-3001 
  Shari Parsons  Shari.m.Parsons@wv.gov   304-558-3001 
  Valerie Nelson  Valerie.L.Nelson@wv.gov   304-558-3001 
Highways, District Three (Parkersburg)  Robert Sharp  Robert.w.sharp@wv.gov   304-420-4667 
  Bridget Buffington  bridget.m.bufington@wv.gov   304-420-4668 
  Heather Stanley  heather.l.stanley@wv.gov   304-420-4670 
Highways, District Eight (Elkins)  Deborah Barnett  debbie.l.barnett@wv.gov   304-637-0220 
  Cynthia Pritt  cynthia.d.pritt@wv.gov   304-637-0220 
  Bonnie Fike  bonnie.l.fike@wv.gov   304-637-0220 
  James Rossi  james.a.rossi@wv.gov   304-637-0220 
Highways, Division of - WVDOT  Lisa Knight  lisa.a.knight@wv.gov 304-269-8908 
  Melissa Jordan  melissa.j.jordan@wv.gov   304-269-8926 
Homeland Security & Emergency Management, Division of  Gary Stewart  gary.w.stewart@wv.gov   304-558-5380 
  Douglas McClung  douglas.w.mcclung@wv.gov   304-558-5380 
Human Rights Commission  Nicole Russell  nicole.russell@wv.gov   304-558-2616 
  Jennifer Fletcher  jennifer.l.fletcher@wv.gov   304-558-2616 
Insurance Commissioner, Office of the  Barbara Tipton  barbara.a.tipton@wv.gov   304-414-8476 ext 48476 
  David Gillespie  david.l.gillespie@wv.gov   304-414-8465 ext 48465 
  Angela Leshon angela.d.leshon@wv.gov 304-414-8015 ext. 48015
Labor, Division of  Michael Sams  Michael.s.sams@wv.gov   304-558-7890 
  Katherine Jones  Katherine.e.Jones@wv.gov   304-558-7890 
  Sheri Rhodes  Sheri.d.rhodes@wv.gov   304-558-7890 
  Mitchell Woodrum  Mitchell.e.woodrum@wv.gov   304-558-7890 
Landscape Architects, Board of  Kendra Zamora  wv.la.board@gmail.com   304-558-3527 
  Linda Lyter  linda_lyter@frontier.com   304-558-3527 
Library Commission  Vanesse Myers  Vanesse.Myers@wv.gov   304-558-2041 
  Tandra English  Tandra.j.english@wv.gov   304-558-2041 
Licensed Dietitians, Board of  Alex Pauley alex.s.pauley@wv.gov 304-558-1024 
Lottery Commission  Crystal Crouch  ccrouch@wvlottery.com   304-558-0500 ext 269 
  Elisha Holleron  eholleron@wvlottery.com   304-558-0500 ext 215 
Massage Therapy Licensure Board  Linda Lyter  linda_lyter@frontier.com   304-558-1060 
  Kendra Zamora  boardofhearingaiddealers@frontier.com  304-558-1060 
Medicine, Board of  Deborah Scott  deb.d.scott@wv.gov   304-558-2921 ext 70010 
  Mark Spangler  Mark.a.spangler@wv.gov   304-558-2921 ext 70010 
Military Affairs and Public Safety, Department of  Jennifer Wilson  jennifer.a.wilson@wv.gov   304-558-2350 
Miner's Health, Safety and Training, Division of  Kimberly Miller  kimberly.l.miller@wv.gov   304-957-2013 
Motor Vehicles, Division of  Angela Chaney  Angie.l.Chaney@wv.gov   304-558-0002 
  Mary Kessinger  mary.m.Kessinger@wv.gov   304-558-0002 
  Pam Saunders  Pamela.l.saunders@wv.gov   304-558-0002 
Municipal Bond Commission  Patricia Lawrence  patty.a.lawrence@wv.gov   304-558-3971 
Natural Resources, Division of  Emily Fleck  emily.s.fleck@wv.gov   304-558-2791 
  Juanita (Anita) Clark  juanita.j.clark@wv.gov   304-558-2793 
Nursing, Center for  Mary Blashford  mary.blashford@wvhepc.edu   304-558-0281 ext 241 
Occupational Therapy, Board of  Vonda Malnikoff  vmalnikoff@wvbot.org   304-285-3150 
Optometry, Board of  Pamela Carper  wvbdopt@frontier.com   304-558-5901 
Osteopathic Medicine, Board of  Davae Churchill  Davae.n.Churchill@wv.gov   304-558-6095 
Parole Board  Natalie Proctor  natalie.s.proctor@wv.gov   304-558-6366 ext 4 
Personnel, Division of  Cynthia Baker  cynthia.d.baker@wv.gov   304-558-3950 
  Layna Valentine Brown  lanya.s.valentinebrown@wv.gov   304-558-3950 
Pharmacy, Board of  John Smolder  john.p.smolder@wv.gov   304-558-0558 
Physical Therapy, Board of  Nonnie Ramsey  nonnie.s.ramsey@wv.gov   304-558-0367 
Professional Engineers, State Board of Registration for  Lesley Rosier-Tabor  lesley@wvpebd.org   304-558-3554 
  Sue Rubenstein  sue@wvpebd.org   304-558-3554 
Professional Surveyors, Board of  Kristi Justice  kristi.a.justice@wv.gov   304-558-0350 
Prosecuting Attorney's Institute  Amy Leslie  amy.r.leslie@wv.gov   304-558-3348 
Protective Services, Division of  Paula Totten  paula.totten@cappd.wvsp.gov   304-558-9911 
Public Defender Services  Dana Eddy  dana.f.eddy@wv.gov   304-558-3905 
  Mark Doyle  Mark.doyle@wv.gov   304-558-3905 
Public Employees Grievance Board  James Cox  James.A.cox@wv.gov   304-558-3361 
Public Employees Insurance Agency  Jessica Virtz  Jessica.l.Virtz@wv.gov   304-741-8646 
  Jason Haught  jason.h.haught@wv.gov   304-957-2627 
Public Port Authority  Shari Parsons  Shari.m.Parsons@wv.gov   304-558-3001 
Public Service Commission  Sandy Mitchell  smitchell@psc.state.wv.us   304-340-0364 
  Lindsey Randolph  lrandolph@psc.state.wv.us   304-340-0322 
Public Transit, Division of  Tracy Hager  tracy.j.hager@wv.gov   304-558-0428 
Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board  Patricia Pope  Patricia.R.Pope@wv.gov   304-558-3919 
Real Estate Commission  Courtney Lilly  courtney.n.lilly@wv.gov   304-558-3555 
Real Estate Division  Shelly Eads  shelly.r.eads@wv.gov   304-558-3062 
  Gail Delmaar-Mines  gail.e.delmaar@wv.gov   304-558-3062 
Rehabilitation Services, Division of  Michelle James  Michelle.d.James@wv.gov   304-356-2063 
  Trenton Morton  trenton.w.morton@wv.gov   304-356-2078 
  Matthew Hill  matthew.p.hill@wv.gov   304-356-2096 
Respiratory Care, Board of  Jordyn Chapman  jordyn.c.chapman@wv.gov   304-558-1382 
  Kenneth White  Kenneth.d.white@wv.gov   304-356-2358 
Risk and Insurance Management, Board of  Mary Jane Pickens  maryjane.pickens@wv.gov   304-766-2646 
  Robert Fisher  robert.a.fisher@wv.gov   304-766-2646 
School Building Authority  Lisa Wilkinson  Lisa.m.Wilkinson@wv.gov   304-558-2541 
  Tamela Brewer  Tamela.a.brewer@wv.gov   304-558-2541 
Secretary of State's Office  Adam Young  ayoung@wvsos.com   304-356-2630 
  Delilah Barker  dbarker@wvsos.com   304-356-2609 
Senior Services, Bureau of  Brenda Ashworth  brenda.s.ashworth@wv.gov   304-558-3317 
Solid Waste Management Board  Jayne Ann Arthur  jayne.a.arthur@wv.gov   304-414-1123 
  Cathleen Salmons  cathleen.y.salmons@wv.gov   304-414-1127 
State Agency for Surplus Property Elizabeth Cooper Elizabeth.J.Cooper@wv.gov 304-766-2626
State Budget Office  Jerri Rucker  Jerri.L.Rucker@wv.gov   304-558-0040 
State Rail Authority  Thomasena Cooper  Thomasena.s.cooper@wv.gov   304-538-2305 ext 66841 
  Lucinda Butler  cindy.k.butler@wv.gov   304-538-2305 ext 66842 
Tax Appeals  Stephen Lee  Stephen.p.lee@wv.gov   304-558-1666 
Tax Department, State  Danny Morgan  danny.w.morgan@wv.gov   304-558-0760 
  David Fitzwater  David.b.Fitzwater@wv.gov   304-558-8656 
Technology, Office of  Staci Clutters  staci.b.clutters@wv.gov   304-957-8219 
  Justin McAllister  justin.t.mccallister@wv.gov   304-957-8184 
  Sandra Henson  sandra.d.henson@wv.gov   304-957-8136 
Tourism, Division of  Georgina Davis  georgina.l.davis@wv.gov   304-957-9217 
  Lauren Haynes  lauren.n.haynes@wv.gov   304-957-9237 
Transportation  Virginia Dravenstott  ginny.i.dravenstott@wv.gov   304-414-6695 
Treasurer's Office  Bryan Archer  bryan.archer@wvsto.com   304-341-0713 
  Ashley Smolder  ashley.smolder@wvsto.com   304-340-1585 
Treasury Investments, Board of  Kara Hughes  kara.hughes@wvbti.org   304-340-1561 
  Karl Shanholtzer  karl.shanholtzer@wvbti.org   304-340-1590 
Veterans Assistance  Sue Collins  sue.b.colloins@wv.gov   304-558-3661 
Veterans Home  Victor Crutcher  victor.j.crutcher@wv.gov   304-736-1027 
Veterans Home  Sandy Merritt  sandra.g.merritt@wv.gov   304-736-1027 
Veterans Nursing Facility  Peggy Alexander  Peggy.l.alexander@wv.gov   304-626-1600 ext 2015 
  Beverly Gerard  beverly.j.gerard@wv.gov   304-626-1600 ext 3003 
  Sheila Ware  Sheila.E.Ware@wv.gov   304-626-1600 ext 2012 
Veterinary Medicine, Board of  Patricia Holstein  patricia.a.holstein@wv.gov   304-776-8032 
Workforce West Virginia  Sara Mae Dyer sara.m.dyer@wv.gov 304-558-7024 



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