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Welcome to the Agency Resource Center (ARC).  To assist our agency procurement officers, the Purchasing Division has assembled a collection of reference material which may prove useful to you.

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  1. Forms: Here you will find a collection of our most commonly used forms, including the Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement (Form WV-1).

  2. Annual Report:  A detailed summary of the West Virginia Purchasing Division's highlights, program accomplishments, financial statistics, recognition awards and legislative changes for each fiscal year.

  3. Emergency Purchasing Procedures:  The conditions and situations which allow for emergency purchases and the proper procedures for them.

  4. Purchasing Training Center:  Resources and education materials relating to the state purchasing process prepared for state procurement officials.

  5. Purchasing Division Procedures Handbook

  6. Buyers Network

  7. West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property

  8. List of Buyer Assignments

  9. Statewide Contract Information

  10. Contracts with Piggyback Provisions

  11. Internal Sources

  12. Legislative Rules and Regulations (148 CSR 1)

  13. 'Walk Through' Purchasing Documents

  14. Purchasing Exemptions

  15. Received Bids

  16. Inspection Resources

  17. Workers' Compensation Employer Violator System

  18. Unemployment Compensation/Workers' Compensation Defaulted Accounts

  19. OIC Defaulted Accounts

  20. Procurement Officer Listing

  21. A Brief Overview of West Virginia State Procurement

  22. Agency Master Terms and Conditions

  23. Purchasing Master Terms and Conditions

  24. How to Find the Purchasing Division: Don't know where we are? This will help. The page includes driving directions, a map, and a picture of our building.

Debarred/Suspended Vendors

  1. Vendors Debarred by the West Virginia Purchasing Division

  2. Link to the Federal Debarment and Suspension Lists

West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin - Please note that this is a link to an intranet which may not be accessible through home computers.


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