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Ratings for Supervisors (37)     Rating:   [ Clear ] Needs
Maintains Flexibility    
Willingly accepts a variety of responsibilities
Adapts to new situations in a positive manner.
Displays openness to learning and applying new skills.
Works well with others to achieve organization's goals.
Is resourceful and generally seeks work process improvements.
Demonstrates Credibility Needs Meets Exceeds
Shares information with others when appropriate.
Acts independently while keeping supervisor informed.
Performs work according to current guidelines and directives.
Maintains personal appearance appropriate to job.
Exhibits ability to secure and evaluate facts before taking action.
Customer Service Needs Meets Exceeds
Treats all customers with respect.
Responds to customer needs within agreed time frames.
Addresses conflicts and problem situations with patience and tact.
Quantity of Work Needs Meets Exceeds
Work output matches the expectations established.
Employee completes all assignments.
Employee consistently meets deadlines.
Quality of Work Needs Meets Exceeds
Work results satisfy organization's goals.
Work is organized and presented professionally.
Work product is thorough and complete.
Work product is free of flaws and errors.
Availability for Work Needs Meets Exceeds
Employee's attendance supports the expected level of work.
Employee's presence can be relied upon for planning purposes.
Employee is a dependable team member.
Leadership       (Begin 14 supervisor/manager ratings.) Needs Meets Exceeds
Provides clear direction and purpose.
Models ethical workplace behavior.
Demonstrates influencing skills by setting goals.
Empowers subordinates to achieve objectives.
Acts to motivate, coach, and develop subordinates.
Management Needs Meets Exceeds
Organizes and distributes work among subordinates.
Secures resources and audits their effectiveness.
Communicates behavioral expectations and performance standards.
Monitors, documents, and evaluates employee conduct and performance.
Provides appropriate and timely feedback.
Work Environment Needs Meets Exceeds
Maintains a safe and healthy workplace.
Builds a team that reflects high morale, clear focus, and group identity.
Encourages and provides opportunities for subordinates to obtain and apply new skills and knowledge.
Promotes equal opportunity and protects the rights of employees.
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Disclaimer: This is not an official Employee Performance Appraisal form. It is provided to assist with EPA-3 computations.