Absorbent Materials ABSORB Products to collect hazardous liquid spills
Alcohol (Ethyl) ALCOHOL Ethyl Alcohol - 190 and 200 proof available in drums, cans and cases
Aluminum Coil & Flat Sheets ALUM Aluminum coils - license plates; flat sheets - for Highway signs
Audit Services (Single) AUDIT Auditing services
Batteries (Automotive & Equipment) A/E BATT Batteries of various sizes/voltage, wet/dry, industrial and heavy commercial types
Batteries (Dry Cell) DCBATT Various dry cell batteries, i.e., carbon zinc - various volts and materials - alkaline: AAA, AA, C, D - flashlights
Bedding Items BEDDING Mattresses, box springs and pillows which include hotel/motel, institutional, twin/full size, regular and firm mattresses, etc.
Brooms BROOM Various types of push brooms
Buckets BUCKETS Mop buckets, containers
Cable (Electrical & Hardware) ELECHDW Electrical cords, boxes, switches, receptacles, plates, tape, breakers, conduit, etc.
Cable (Coaxial) CABLE Cabling material, data connectors, etc.
Can Liners CANLINER Disposable can liners
Carpet & Rugs CARPET Includes multi-level loop, commercial plush, modular squares, padding, etc.
Catheters CATH Catheters and related items
Condiment Kits CONKIT Condiments kits (plastic utensils, napkins, straws, salt, pepper, etc. custom packaged)
Copiers COPIER Copiers in high and low volume of various brands and models
Copiers (Digital) DIGCOP Digital copiers/equipment in high and low volume (connected & unconnected) of various brands and models including toner & supplies
Data Entry Services DATA Data entry/key punch services
Debt Collection DEBT Collection service contract
Dictating Equipment DICT Various types and sizes of desk-top and portable dictating equipment
Dishwashing Materials DWASH Detergents, additives, solvents, cleaners, etc.
Diskettes DISKETTE Computer diskettes - double sided/high density, data tape
Document Management Systems (Electronic) EDMS Electronic Document Management Systems
Document Imaging IMAGE Document imaging
Dressings DRESS All types and sizes of medical/surgical sterile/non-sterile dressings, i.e., bandages, gauze, swabs, sponges, etc.
Envelopes ENVLOP Plain white envelopes with and without windows, brown/white kraft, available in various sizes
Fasteners & Accessories FASTEN Bolts, screws, nuts, washers, anchors, etc.
Filters (Fuel, Oil & Air) A/E FILTER Various sizes and types of air, oil and fuel filters
Floor Machines FLRMAC Floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, wet/dry tank, etc.
Floor Buffing Pads FLOORPAD Variety of floor buffing pads
Food Service (Disposable) DFS Paper plates, cups and bowls, napkins, plastic cutlery, aluminum foil, etc.
Food (Staple Goods) FOOD Staple goods, coffee
Foods (Cereal Breakfast) CEREAL Individual/bulk packages of various dry cereals
Fuels (Motor & Heating) FUEL Gasoline: regular & unleaded, premium; #1 & #2 diesel and heating
Furniture (Classroom & Meeting Room) CLRM Various desks, tables, chairs, etc.
Furniture (Metal Office) MOF Tables, desks, filing cabinets, etc.
Furniture (Systems) SYSFURN Panel systems, modular furniture, metal chairs, desks, tables, filing cabinets, etc. Work stations, printer stands, etc.
Guardrails G-RAIL Guardrails and posts
Hand Tools HDTOOLS Wrenches, sockets, pliers, metal boxes, screwdrivers, clamps, etc.
Housekeeping Materials HOUSE Cleaners, furniture polish, scouring pads, etc.
Information Processing IP Personal computers, printers, peripherals, etc.
IV Solutions & Accessories IV/SOL Various intravenous solutions for medical use
Laboratory Supplies LS Various glassware and chemicals for laboratory use
Laser Toner Cartridges RCYLTN Recycled laser toner cartridges
Laundry Materials LAUNDRY Powder and liquid detergent, fabric softener, liquid and dry bleach
Lawn Maintenance Equipment LAWN Regular and heavy duty lawn mowers, chain saws, edgers/trimmers, etc.
Lighting (Bulbs) LIGHT Fluorescent lamp ballast, projection bulbs, audio-visual bulbs and lamps, etc.
Medical Surgical MED/SUR Various medical items required for patient care
Microfilm Services MFSVC Microfilming various size documents, indexing services, document preparation, and transportation of documents
Office Supplies OFFICE Various office supplies
Oil Products RE-OIL Re-refined oil products; pick up of used oil
Oils & Lubricants OIL Motor, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids, diesel and multi-purpose oils
Ostomy Products OSTOMY Ostomy products and accessories
Paint & Paint Supplies PAINT Flat, latex, enamel, stains, brushes, rollers, thinners, etc.
Paper (Computer) FINEPAP Various types of stock computer paper, bond, white, green bar, etc.
Photo Films & Supplies PHOTO Kodak and Polaroid films, papers, chemicals, etc.
Pipe (Corrugated Metal) C-PIPE Various sizes of metal pipe - zinc coated, galvanized culvert, etc.
Police Cruisers PC 4-door, 6 passenger, mid-size and full-size sedans, various equipment options and colors
Presort Services PRESORT Sorting and bar coding of mail
Records Management RECMGT Off-site records management services
Reflective Sheeting R-SHEET Enclosed lens-various adhesive bases; non-reflective sheeting, pigmented, etc.
Rental Service (Car) CRENTAL Car rental services
Ribbons & Laser Toner RIB Printer ribbons and laser toner in various sizes and brands
Rooms ROOMS To provide hotel rooms at a specific discount rate for the Holiday Inn Civic Center, Charleston, WV
Safety Supplies SAFETY Protective head and eyewear, respirators, gloves, reflective vests/flags, road flares, coveralls
Sanitary Paper Supplies SANPAP Facial tissue, toilet tissue, etc.
Satellite Transponder Time SAT Telecommunications contract - prime time/off time charges
Soap (Liquid & Dispensers) SOAP Shampoo, hand cleaners, etc.
Soap (Bar) BARSOAP Various types of hand soap
Software (Microsoft) MSSW Software preferred providers
Survey Stakes STAKE Survey stakes and related items
Tags (Identification) TAGS Identification tags for inventory purposes
Tapes (Video & Accessories) VID-TAP Reels, 3/4" video cassettes, VHS, etc.
Tapes (Audio Cassette) AUD/TAP Magnetic recording tapes, reel-to-reel, cassettes, various sizes
Temporary Personnel IPTEMP Information Processing temporary services
Temporary Services TEMPS Accounting clerks, data entry personnel, casual laborers
Tires (Auto & Equipment) N-TIRES Police, auto, trucks, farm, industrial tires and tubes
Tires (Retread) R-TIRES Retreading and repair service - all types of tires
Traffic Cones & Flags TCONES Interstate Traffic Control, reflective vests, traffic cones and flags
Travel Management Charge Card CC State credit card (Diners Club) for state travel purposes
Travel Management Services TM Travel management services for State agencies
Vehicles (Automotive) MV Automobiles: various types/sizes; pickup and general purpose trucks, cargo and mini vans
Voice Recording Systems VOICEREC Digital voice recording systems for use with telephone/radio communications
Water (Bottled) BWATER Bottled water and water cooler rentals
Water Treatment Chemicals WATERT Aluminum sulfate, calcium hypochlorite, chlorine, soda ash, etc.
Welding Supplies WELD Various welding supplies - electrodes, cable, and protective body equipment
Wiping Cloths WIPING White, colored, terry cloth - all types of soft absorbent cloth
X-Ray Film & Supplies X-RAY X-ray film, chemical mixing systems, adaptor kits, developers, processing chemicals

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