This section will address the requirements established for vendors who wish to do business with the state of West Virginia.

5.1 Requirements: Vendors doing business with the state of West Virginia must be registered by having a Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement (WV-1 or WV-1A form) on file with the Purchasing Division in accordance with 5A-3-12 of the West Virginia Code. It is the agency’s responsibility to make sure vendors are properly registered with the Purchasing Division prior to issuing a purchase order either verbally or in writing.

5.1.1 WV-1: This form is to be completed by vendors who wish to participate in the competitive bid process and receive purchase orders exceeding an aggregate amount of $1,000. The WV-1 form requires payment of the $45.00 fee. The vendor’s check and the WV-1 form are to be mailed directly to the Purchasing Division. Upon payment of this fee, the vendor will receive the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin.

5.1.2 WV-1A: This form is to be completed by vendors supplying sole source commodities and services to West Virginia state agencies, or aggregate competitive purchases of $1,000 or less in any one year.

It is imperative that agencies include their agency name and mailing address on the front page of the WV-1A form prior to sending it to the vendor. The vendor is to complete Part I of the form and return to the requesting agency.

The agency procurement officer should review the form for completeness and legibility, complete Part II, sign the form and forward the Purchasing Division for processing. All incomplete or illegible WV-1A forms will be returned to the agency procurement officer for disposition. Incomplete WV-1A forms received in the Purchasing Division without the requesting agency name on the front page of the form and with Part II not completed will not be processed but retained temporarily in a "Hold" file. Part II of the WV-1A form must be completed by the agency and signed by the agency procurement officer.

Agencies should make certain that vendors are not already registered with the Purchasing Division prior to requesting a vendor to become registered. Agencies personnel not having access to the TEAM vendor file should contact their agency procurement officer for vendor registration verification.

Agencies are responsible to furnish the appropriate Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement to vendors they wish to do business with, whether they are registering as a new vendor or updating their vendor registration status with the Purchasing Division. Agencies should always furnish the vendor the name and telephone number of an agency contact person in the event the vendor has questions for the agency .

Vendor Registration & Disclosure Statement (WV-1 and WV-1A forms) can be obtained from Correctional Industries.

5.2 Vendor Fee:  A $45 annual fee is required of vendors participating in the competitive bid process for purchases (single or multiple) over $1,000 in aggregate per year which are made by the Purchasing Division, agencies, boards and commissions. The fee is also required for those vendors who are paid over $1,000 (non-competitive purchases of $1,000 or less) in aggregate by one or more agency(s) in any one year.

No fee is required of corporations, companies or persons from which only sole source purchases are made.

Companies, corporations or persons having multiple outlets for their commodities or services and are all operating under the same FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) must pay one $45.00 fee. Additional subscriptions to the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin are available at $45.00 each.

Government Entities-Registration

All state agencies, cities, counties, municipalities and political subdivisions doing business with the state must register using their FEIN. Only applicable information on the WV-1A form needs to be provided.

5.3 Vendor Hold: Vendors not exempt from paying the $45.00 annual fee or vendors who have not responded to the two renewal notifications will be placed on ‘hold status’ until payment of the fee is received.

In order for agencies to know which vendors are eligible to receive purchase orders, the "Vendor Hold Feature" of TEAM is used. The "H" in the Order Hold field on the TEAM VOS screen indicates ineligibility. Vendors placed on ‘hold status’ cannot receive purchase orders in excess of $1,000 (cumulative annual total).

Vendors who are considered by the Purchasing Division as sole source suppliers and do not participate in the competitive bid process may be exempt from paying the annual fee.

Agencies wishing to purchase competitive items from vendors placed on hold status should inform such vendors that the fee is required and refer them to the Purchasing Division for payment and registration procedures.

Vendors will be removed from the hold status when the vendor has paid the fee; or temporarily when an agency must process an individual purchase order in the TEAM automated purchasing system under $1,000. An agency’s request to temporarily remove a vendor from hold must be made in writing to the Purchasing Division indicating the reason for this action.

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