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Typing Speed Estimator "A"

Estimate your average error-free typing speed. Read the Instructions below.


Instructions and Suggestions:

This procedures will enable your to estimate your average, error-free typing speed. You can also use it for keyboard practice. Please note, however, this procedure may not be directly comparable to a score on any Division of Personnel keyboard test. If you consistently make typing errors, chances are, your performance in a 5 minute timed test would be somewhat lower. For longer, timed tests, try version C, D, and E.

This "Estimator" is really quite simple. A series of one-sentence timed tests are used to compute your average speed. To start each test, press Enter or click the Start button. Each time you start, a random one-sentence test appears. Begin typing immediately. When you reach the end of the sentence, immediately press Tab, then Enter. If this won't work, you may have to click the Done button to end the test.

At the end of each one-sentence test, your speed score will display. The average speed of all your error-free tests, and an "Accuracy" score are also shown. Accuracy is simply the percentage of total typed sentences that contained no errors.

Type each sentence on one straight line. Disregard any second line wrapping in the displayed sentence. You can use Backspace for correction, but you will lose a little time.

Hint: On many browsers you can take the tests without using a mouse. Simply use Enter to start each sentence, Tab/Enter to end, and Enter to dismiss any pop-up messages.

How to Estimate Your Overall Average Speed.

Estimate your "true" or average skill level by typing, at least, 6 test sentences. Type quickly. Try to do 3 or more sentences with no errors. The error-free tests do not have to be in consecutive order since your speed on any sentence containing errors is not counted in the average. If the results show you made an error, simply disregard that score and try another sentence.

The best estimate of your "true" speed level is the average of your error-free tests. Your "Accuracy" percentage should be at least 60%.

Caution: If your first few speed scores vary by more than, say, 10 wpm, you may have to do more tests or start over to get a reliable estimate of your average speed and accuracy level. To erase the current average and start over, click the "Clear Average" button. To view your average at any time, click the "Show Average" button. To print it, print page one.

For your information, a speed score is computed for sentences that contain errors. Such speeds should be interpreted with caution. Scores on sentences containing errors may give an incorrect estimate of your true skill.

Undoubtedly, in most keyboard jobs both speed and accuracy are important. As you type these sentences, try to strike a balance between maximum speed and maximum accuracy. Don't worry about typing a few sentence errors. Scores on sentences with errors are NEVER counted in your average speed. If after several sentences your accuracy percentage falls below 60%, you should adjust your speed to increase accuracy.

By using these simple procedure, you should be able to satisfactorily estimate your overall keyboard skill level.

Comments on this procedure are welcome.

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