Training and Experience Rating
(Grouping Method)

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The Exam for this job class consists of a rating of the applicant's training and experience. A score group assignment procedure is used. The Group scoring procedure differs from the standard Training and Experience Rating in that applicants are assigned to broad categories according to overall qualifications. In most cases there are 3-5 groups. The groups are defined in terms of specific job-related qualifications and may have designation such as: "Unqualified", "Qualified", "Very Qualified", or "Highly Qualified". The actual names and number of levels may vary by job class. Applicants assigned to a group receive the same score. This method is used primarily when there are relatively few qualified or highly qualified candidates.

For detailed information about the application process and currently announced jobs refer to the Staffing Services page.

For a general explanation of the Training and Experience rating (T&E) procedure, refer to the T & E Rating page.

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