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The only test offered on "Clerical" testing days is the Office Support Examination. Click here for information about that testing program. The Office Support test is primarily used for: Office Assistant, Administrative Secretary, Secretary 1-2, and Lottery Business Support Technician. It may also, on occasion, be used for some special office support jobs.

Tests for ALL OTHER job titles that require a written test are offered on the "General" (non-clerical) testing day. Note: Some "General" testing titles may involve clerical work but are not included in the Office Support Examination program. Always read the announcement for minimum job qualifications and testing requirements.

Below is a list of tests administered on "General" testing days. Not all titles may be currently open for application or testing. Read to the specific job announcement for information and instructions.

NOTE: Not all titles are open for application. Check the current open job announcement. The announcement will indicate the test required.

There is no fee for testing.

The testing time limit is 3 hours. No study material is available. Note: If you do not meet the job requirements, do not test. Your test will not be scored.

You must apply separately for each job title for which you wish to test. If same test is used for more than one title, you will be scored for all titles for which you have submitted a separate application.

We do not take appointments for testing. Simply apply online and then report to a test site on any scheduled test date. You must test within 90 of your application submission.

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