Workers Compensation Injury/Illness
Sick Leave "Buy Back" Calculator

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1. Select a calendar date for the month and pay period of the "buy back".
2. Enter the gross wages for the pay period.    Help
3. Enter amount withheld for Federal taxes (actual withheld.)   Help
4. Enter amount withheld for State taxes (actual withheld.)
5. Enter amount deducted for FICA (6.2%)   Help
6. Enter amount deducted for Medicare (1.45%)  
7. Enter amount deducted for Retirement. %   Help
8. Enter number of work days in the pay period. Help
9. Enter the number of sick leave days to "buy back".
       Total reimbursement to agency:

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General Instructions: This calculator is provided to assist state agencies in computing the amount an employee would reimburse the agency to "buy back" sick leave. It automates the computations shown on page 7, attachment 2 of the WC Injury/Illness policy. While every effort has been made to determine the correctness of the computations, the Division of Personnel cannot, in all cases, guarantee the specific accuracy of the information presented. The user must assume responsibility for use of this procedure.

Agency Payroll Credit on Deductions:
In addition to the buy-back amount, the calculator will also compute the dollar amount for which the agency should take credit on the total deductions for federal and state withholding, FICA, medicare, and retirement.

Simply enter amounts as indicated in steps 1 through 9. All entries are made in the right column. The calendar, used in step 1, is provided simply to determine the exact number of work days in the buy-back pay period. When you change the date, the work days in item 8 will change.

After you enter the gross wages (Step 2), the program will automatically display suggested amounts for FICA, Medicare, and Retirement. These amounts are shown next to the OK buttons in items 5-7. The amounts are based on the standard percentages shown. To accept the suggested amount, simply click OK and the amount will be inserted in the right column. You can, of course, override any of these by typing any amount in the right column. Note: If necessary you may change the retirement percentage in Item 7. The default is 4.5% (PERS). If you do change the percentage, do not type the percent sign.

Step 8. Enter the number of days in the pay period. The suggested numbers are based on the calendar date selected in step 1. This is the number of week days in each pay period in the selected month. The first number is the number of week days in the 1st pay period, and the second number is the number of week days in the second pay period. Again, click OK to accept an amount, or type any number.

After you have completed all steps, click the Compute button. The text box area will show a report of all calculations. Amounts are generally rounded to 2 decimal places (cents). The "daily rate" is computed to 3 decimal places for increased precision. For a hard copy, print page 1. For printing, you may enter any identification (ID) information in the box below the report.

Please report Web form or computation problems to Mike Campbell at 558-3950 x 246. Updated: 10/30/2001

If you have any questions about the procedure or policy, please call the Employee Information and Payroll Audit section at 558-3950 ext. 507.

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