WV Solid Waste Management Board

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West Virginia Operational Solid Waste Facilities

Active Solid Waste Facilities Legend

Green Icon: Operational Landfills          

Yellow Icon: Operational Tire Monofills              

Blue Icon: Operational Transfer Stations


West Virginia Non-Operational Landfills

Types of Facilities

Post-Closure - Indicates that closure activities are complete and the facility is in the 30 year post-closure monitoring period.

Closure - Indicates that investigation, design and/or construction of closure activities are ongoing.

Pre-Closure - Facilities have been accepted into the LCAP program and are awaiting closure activities.


Inactive Solid Waste Facilities Legend

Red Icon: Post-Closure Status                            

Orange Icon: Closure Status                 

Light Green Icon: Pre-Closure Status


For additional information on the West Virginia's Landfill Closure Assistance Program (LCAP) including information on the individual LCAP facilities displayed on the map above, visit the WV DEP's website.

WV Tonnage Reports

CY 2022 CY 2017 CY 2013
CY 2021 CY 2016 CY 2012
CY 2020 CY 2015 CY 2011
CY 2019 CY 2014 CY 2010
CY 2018    


WS Class Facility Base Total*
A A Brooke/Valero $28.25 $37.00
A A Short Creek $22.75 $31.50
A B Wetzel $28.18 $36.93
B A Meadowfill $36.60 $45.35
B B Tucker Co. $44.55 $53.30
C A Northwestern $33.30 $42.05
E B LCS $41.55 $50.30
F B Greenbrier Co. $38.00 $46.75
F B Pocahontas Co. $64.00 $72.75
G A Copper Ridge $33.75 $42.50
G B HAM Sanitary $35.00 $43.75
G B Mercer Co. $38.00 $46.75
G A Raleigh Co. $33.00 $41.75
H A Charleston $31.25 $40.00
H A Disposal Services $46.41 $55.16
H A Sycamore $33.75 $42.50
B Philippi, City of $89.60 $98.35
B Moutaineer** $25.75 $34.50
B Kingwood, City of^ $77.25 $86.00
B Tygarts Valley** $33.58 $86.88
B Buckhannon, City of $74.50 $83.25
E Region VIII  SWA - Petersburg $73.60 $81.85
E Region VIII SWA - Hampshire $74.60 $82.85
E Jefferson Co SWA $70.25 $81.25
F Nicholas Co. $60.50 $69.25
G Wyoming Co - Pineville $65.94 $74.69
G Wyoming Co - Baileysville (bags only) $1.40  
G Wyoming Co - Glen Fork/Jesse (bags only) $1.40  
G Wyoming Co - Tralee (bags only) $1.40  
H Chesapeake, Town of^ NONE  
H Marmet, Town of^ NONE  
H St. Albans, City of^ NONE  
H WM - Peck's Mill** $30.20 $85.86

Current rates as of 8/12/2021

*Total Rate = Base Rate + Assessment Fees

**Rate = Base + Assessment + Landfill Rate

^Municipal used only - No fee to residents


A fee of $8.25 is assessed on every ton of solid waste disposed of in in-state landfills. This fee is distributed among three separate agencies to provide funding for specific programs.

Dept. Environmental Protection
Reclamation, Env. Response $0.50
Solid Waste Enforcement $1.50
Landfill Closure Assistance $3.10
Haz. Waste Emer. Resp. $0.25
Recycling Grant Fund $1.00
Division of Natural Resources
Conservation Officers $0.25
Solid Waste Mgmt. Board
SWMB Grants and Admin. $0.62
Co Solid Waste Authorities $0.63
Solid Waste Authorities
Co Solid Waste Authorities $0.40


In accordance with WV Code, local solid waste authorities asses an additional $0.50 per ton from each landfill operating within their county. This additional fee, added to the State's $8.25 fee, brings the total Assessment Fee to $8.75 which is in addition to the rates listed above.

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