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Landfill Ban: What Waste Haulers Need to Know

Effective January 1, 2011, electronic waste will be banned from WV Landfills.

Under the Public Service Commission’s Bulky Goods Rule, 150CSR9.6.6.c, waste haulers are required to pickup televisions, computer and other “bulky” items once a month from their subscribers. To help offset any additional costs incurred in providing this service they may impose a surcharge, up to $1.00, per month per subscriber.

The Bulky Goods Rule will remain in effect, including the pickup of televisions and computers, on January 1, 2011. All interested and effected parties will be notified of any changes, should they occur, in the future

Haulers should notify their customers about the upcoming ban. Communication between waste haulers and their customers is key to the smooth implementation of the ban. Providing instructions on how customers should handle these items is important.

Alternatives to landfilling electronics within the haulers service area should be provided to customers.

The links on this page will provide recycling and take back program information statewide.

  • Pending Collection Events - Local government often provides collection services for electronic waste, either in the form of single day collection events or a continous collection program. This link provides a listing of upcoming collection events.

  • Earth 911 – Provides information on private sector recycling businesses, programs offered through local government and nonprofits, national programs, including manufacture sponsored take back programs.

  • West Virginia Recycling Directory – The directory allows you to search for specific materials recycled in each county. It is compiled by the WV Dept. of Commerce and has statewide coverage.

  • Manufactures Recycling Program – Many manufacturers accept the responsibility for the recycling of their own products. They often provide mail-in or other types of take back programs. The cost for shipping and processing differs with each brand and is sometimes passed on to the consumer.

On December 22, 2011, the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, Randy Huffman, issued a memorandum concerning the collection of "Covered Electronic Devices," as defined by W. Va. Code 22-15A-2-(17) by the states landfill operators and landfill owners.

Click on the following link for a complete copy of the Secretary's Memorandum. Memo re Collection of Covered Electronic Devices 12-22-2011.

Click this link for a Waste Hauler Fact Sheet

Click this link for a list of E-Waste Recycling Contractors.

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For information on SB 398 and the landfill ban on electronics, stakeholders meetings and general information on e-waste planning and e-Cycling:

Carol Throckmorton

304-926-0448, e 1671
Nicole Hunter
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For information on the Covered Electronic Devices Grant program, manufacture registration and compliance,  and general information on e-Cycling:
Niki Davis
304-926-0499, e 1137
Lisa Facemyer

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