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Senate Bill 398: Landfill Ban on Electronics

Senate Bill 398 was signed into law during the 2009 - 2010 legislative session. The purpose of the bill was to facilitate the proper handling of end-of-life electronics in an environmentally acceptable manner. The West Virginia Code was amended as follows.

  • Comprehensive Plan for the Proper Handling of Covered Electronics Devices:

    • WV Code §22-15A-22(e) The Solid Waste Management Board shall design a comprehensive program to provide for the proper handling of yard waste, lead-acid batteries, tires and covered electronic devices.

  • Landfill Ban On Covered Electronic Devices

    • WV Code §22-15A-22(d) Effective January 1, 2011, covered electronic devices, as defined in section two of this article, may not be disposed of in a solid waste landfill in West Virginia.

  • The WV DEP is to Promulgate Rules for the Implementation and Enforcement of the E-Waste Program

    • WV Code §22-15A-22(f) The Secretary shall promulgate rules, in accordance with chapter twenty- nine-a of this code, to implement and enforce the program for yard waste, lead-acid batteries, tires and covered electronic devices.

Click Here for a full text version of Senate Bill 398.


The ban on landfilling electronics will become effective January 1, 2011. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible it is recommended that municipal solid waste landfill and transfer station operators install appropriate sinage at their facilities in a location clearly visible to anyone entering the facility. Click on either of the following links to view a suggested format for landfill and transfer station sinage.

Color Electronics Ban Notification

Black and White Electronics Ban Notification

How Will My Group Be Affected?

Manufacturers: any manufacture that markets it's "covered electronic devices" in West Virginia must register with the WV Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) and pay an initial registration fee and an annual registration fee thereafter. Manufacturers with an approved recycling program, readily available to the people of West Virginia, pay lower initial and annual registration fees than those that do not. Manufactures must provide appropriate labeling for their products. Manufactures that create their own recycling program must provide a toll free phone number and a website that provides information about their takeback or recycling program.

Retailers: may only sell "covered electronic devices" in West Virginia that are manufactured by a company that is in compliance with this program. Retailers can check the status of manufactures by going to the DEP website which can be accessed by using the "REAP CED Program" link on this page. Retailers are required to report any manufacture to the WV DEP that is in non compliance with the registration requirements of this program.

Recycling Processors and Collectors: while recyclers and collectors of recyclable materials have no requirements under this legislation but they are strongly urged to consider providing services in after-life-electronics recycling. Local governments have the option of using the Covered Electronic Devices grant program in starting up a new program or in program continuation. Private sector businesses may be able to obtain assistance from the REAP Recycling Assistance grant program. You can find links and contact information for both programs on this page. You can find marketing assistance on this website.

Local Governments: local governments have no requirements under this legislation. Many local government entities already provide services in the areas of waste removal and recycling and stepping into services in after-life-electronics recycling is a logical option. Local governments have the option of using the Covered Electronic Devices grant program in starting up a new program or in program continuation. A link and contact information for that program is provided on this page.

Waste Haulers: Waste haulers are currently required to pick up televisions and computers under WV Code Rules 150CSR9.6.6  which is commonly referred to as the Bulky Goods Rule. The Rule states that haulers "may propose a surcharge not to exceed one dollar ($1.00) per subscribing residential customer per month" for this service.

Landfill Operators: will be notified by the WV DEP 60 days in advance of the effective date of this legislation. While covered electronic devices may not be deposited in landfills on or after January 1, 2011, landfill operators may collect these items for recycling. Suggestions for the proper collection, handling and storage of electronic waste is posted on this website as are listings of electronics recyclers capable of making regular pickups at West Virginia landfills. 

On December 22, 2011, the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection, Randy Huffman, issued a memorandum concerning the collection of "Covered Electronic Devices," as defined by W. Va. Code 22-15A-2-(17) by the states landfill operators and landfill owners.

Click on the following link for a complete copy of the Secretary's Memorandum. Memo re Collection of Covered Electronic Devices 12-22-2011.

Consumers: While consumers have no requirements under this legislation, they are urged to take advantage of local recyclers that are interested in recycling electronic waste. Links can be found on this page to your local recycling community including Earth 911 and the West Virginia Recycling Directory. You may find another alternative in the listing of Manufactures E-Cycling websites listed at the top of the page.

For more information on how the landfill ban on electronics may affect your group, use the links on the tool bar on this page.


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For information on SB 398 and the landfill ban on electronics, stakeholders meetings and general information on e-waste planning and e-Cycling:

Carol Throckmorton

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For information on the Covered Electronic Devices Grant program, manufacture registration and compliance,  and general information on e-Cycling:
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