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This website was created by the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board to provide the people of  West Virginia and the state's solid waste managers with the information they need to facilitate the environmentally sound management of end-of-life electronics and to comply with W. Va. Code §22-15A-22(e)

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Responsible Management of Electronic Waste In West Virginia
LANDFILL BAN REPEALED - HB4540 was passed during the 2016 Legislative Session repealing the ban on electronics in West Virginia landfills.
§22-15A-22(d) states, "Effecitve July 1, 2016, covered electronic devices, as defined in section two of this article, may not be disposed of in a solid waste landfill in West Virginia, if a county or regional solid waste authority determines there is a cost effective recycling alternative for handling covered electronic devices."

For a full text of that bill click "Landfill Ban Repeal".

SB 398 - Landfill Ban Passed

During the 2010 legislative session, Senate Bill 398 passed into law. The bill bans certain electronics from West Virginia landfills. The bill requires the WV Solid Waste Management Board to design a program for the proper handling of covered electronic devices (CEDs). The Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is required to promulgate rules for the implementation of the enforcement of the program.


CEDs include televisions, computers or video display devices with a screen that is greater than four inches measured diagonally. "Covered electronic device" does not include a video display device that is part of a motor vehicle, or that is contained within a household appliance or commercial, industrial or medical equipment.

For the full text of the bill click “Landfill Ban on E-Waste”.

Stakeholders Meetings

The Solid Waste Management Board held a series of stakeholder meetings in an effort to receive input from all interested and effected parties. These meetings involved landfill representatives, waste haulers, recyclers, retailers, WV Solid Waste Management Board, WV Department of Environmental Protection and the Public Service Commission of West Virginia. Agends's and meeting notes are published for each of the meetings below.


7-20-2010 Meeting Agenda

7-20-2010 Meeting Notes

8-24-2010 Meeting Agenda.pdf

8-24-2010 Meeting Notes

10-19-2010 Meeting Agenda

10-19-2010 Meeting Notes

2-22-2011 Meeting Notes

11-01-2011 Meeting Agenda

11-01-11 Meeting Notes

11-30-2011 Meeting Notes

 Secretary Huffman's Memorandum, in responce to the 11-30-2011 meeting.

Electronics Recycling

The Solid Waste Management Board urges businesses and individuals to recycle end-of-life electronics. There are a growing number of businesses, non-profits and governmental entities involved in electronics recycling.

Many of the state’s solid waste authorities collect electronics for recycling either through one or two day collection events or ongoing activities. Pending events are listed under the “Pending Collection Events” link.


For businesses and non-profits providing electronics recycling services click the “WV Recycling Directory” or the “Earth 911 Recycling Directory” links at the top of the page.


For a more complete discussion of e-cycling in West Virginia, click the “e-Cycle WV” link.

Comprehensive Program for the Proper Handling of Covered Electronic Devices
The Solid Waste Management Board has designed a Comprehensive Program for the Proper Handling of Covered Electronic Devices as required by W.Va. Code § 22-15A-22(d).  This program is designed to address the issues as they exist at the time of publication and presentation to the 2011 Regular Legislative Session of the West Virginia Legislature.
To view the full text of this Program click -
Comprehensive Program for the Proper Handling of Covered Electronic Devices.pdf  (link)

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For information on SB 398 and the landfill ban on electronics, stakeholders meetings and general information on e-waste planning and e-Cycling:

Carol Throckmorton

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Nicole Hunter
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For information on the Covered Electronic Devices Grant program, manufacture registration and compliance,  and general information on e-Cycling:
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