WV Solid Waste Management Board

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Mission Statement

The mission of the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB) is to promote the efficient and economical collection, and proper recycling, reuse, and disposal of solid waste by providing assistance to government agencies, private industries, and the general public to assure proper and integrated solid waste management practices.

WV Solid Waste Management Board

The West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB), originally called the Resource Recovery-Solid Waste Disposal Authority, was created in 1977 in response to the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The board was created to facilitate statewide solid waste planning. The SWMB created the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Plan and is responsible for biennial plan updates. The board's responsibilities also include assisting in maintaining the financial stability of publically owned landfills, assisting in solid waste planning on the local level, planning for special waste management needs, distributing operating capitol and grant funding to the states fifty local solid waste authorities, providing marketing assistance to public sector recycling centers and others, monitoring publically owned waste management facilities, assisting the West Virginia Legislature with research and other things that benefit both public and private sector waste management in West Virginia.

Administrative Section

The Administrative Section oversees the accomplishments of the agencies goals and objectives set forth in WV Code. The financial unit is responsible for distributing monthly assessment checks to each county or regional solid waste authority, overseeing grant funds to annual recipients as well as maintaining the agency's financials. This section also tracks current legislation and Public Service Commission activities as they relate to those in the solid waste industry. Special projects are also usually handled by those in this section.

Business & Financial Assistance Section

The Business and Financial Assistance Section was created to provide the solid waste authorities (SWAs) and other local government entities with professional assistance to improve their business and financial knowledge. This section reviews and maintains a database on all SWA audits and bylaws. WV Code §22C-4-9a, enacted in 2005, requires SWAs operating commercial solid waste facilities to submit quarterly performance measures to the SWMB. This same section of WV Code also requires the SWMB to conduct biennial, or more frequent, performance reviews on these SWAs. These performance reviews foster accountability and best management practices for SWAs that operate commercial solid waste facilities, as well as evaluate their operational health and performance. The SWMB's revolving loan program is also administered through this Section. This program provides funding, within available means and guidelines, for acquisition or construction of solid waste disposal projects.

Recycling, Market Development and Planning Section

The Recycling, Market Development & Planning Section (RMDP) is the lead planning unit in state government for the proper management of solid waste on both the state and local levels. The section is also involved in the development of recycling infrastructure statewide. This is accomplished through the distribution of grant funds to the local solid waste authority's, public awareness programs, assisting individuals, businesses and government units in finding markets for recyclable materials and special projects.


The state has imposed assessment fees on the disposal of solid waste as a mechanism to fund solid waste management programs. These fees are collected on a rate per ton basis by the solid waste disposal facility and are remitted to the Department of Tax and Revenue monthly.  The $8.25 assessment fee is distributed amount three separate agencies, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Division of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB). From this $8.25 fee, $1 is allocated towards the Solid Waste Assessment Interim Fee which funds the SWMB. $.50 per ton is distributed equally among all 50 local solid waste authorities on a monthly basis and the other $.50 per ton is divided equally for grants to local solid waste authorities and administration and technical assistance costs of the agency.

WV Solid Waste Management Board

601 57th St. SE, Charleston, WV 25304

304-926-0448 - Main Line

304-926-0472 - Fax Line

Mark Holstine, P.E., Executive Director

Direct Line - 304-414-1119


Jayne Ann Arthur, Executive Assistant

Direct Line - 304-414-1123

Paul Hayes, Public Information Specialist 2

Direct Line - 304-414-1122

Rosamary Kincaid, Administrative Services Assistant

Direct Line - 304-414-5021

Scott Norman, Comptroller

Direct Line - 304-414-1120

Cathleen Salmons, Secretary 2

Direct Line - 304-414-1127

Carol Throckmorton, Administrative Services Manager

Direct Line - 304-414-1124

VACANT, Accountant/Auditor

Direct Line - 304-414-1126

VACANT, Environmental Resources Specialist 2

Direct Line - 304-414-1125



SWMB Bylaws

Bylaws of the WV Solid Waste Management Board

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