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Below are the presentation materials for the 2021 Agency Purchasing Conference.  You are encouraged to print the workshop presentations for which you have either scheduled or have an interest in viewing.  All presentations are in PDF format and are best printed in landscape format.  Materials not yet available to download will be posted online as soon as they are available.

2021 Agency Purchasing Conference PowerPoint Presentations:

Agency-Delegated Purchasing This course will address agency-delegated purchasing procedures for commodities and services expected to cost $25,000.00 or less and help participants identify bidding levels within this authority.
Bonds This session will address the proper inclusion of bonds into the purchasing process. We will discuss the use of various types of bonds to ensure that vendors perform in a proper and timely fashion.
Correctional Industries
(no presentation file)
This session will provide a comprehensive overview of West Virginia Correctional Industries (WVCI), including how to purchase products from WVCI, how to effectively use the WVCI website, and products and services that are available to state agencies from WVCI.  The quality of the products produced, the passion each shop has in their overall operation, and the teamwork that is exhibited by both Correctional Industries employees and the inmates in the facilities will be discussed in detail.
Developing Specifications for RFQs This workshop will provide guidelines for writing effective specifications.  Some topics addressed will include when to use mandatory specifications, the new standardization process for commodities, and the "or equal" requirement when using brand names when a standardization has not been approved.
Evaluating a Request for Proposal This workshop will highlight the Request for Proposals evaluation process from scoring the technical proposal to the cost bid opening.
Forms and Documentation In this session, Purchasing Division personnel will discuss various forms and documentation and when they are to be used, including, but not limited to, the Agreement Addenda (WV-96), Purchasing Affidavit, Drug-Free Workplace Affidavit and Cover Sheet, and more.
Inspections:  Making the Grade This webinar will discuss the purpose of reviewing and auditing spending unit requests, purchases, and other transactions and purchases within the Purchasing Division's authority.  It also will detail inspection procedures, requirements for state agencies, and contract management procedures.
Managing Your Vendor Sometimes the hardest part of public procurement is making sure vendors live up to their end of the deal.  This class will help you understand that you represent the state, that you are in control, and that you have way more power than you think.  Additionally, the class will include a discussion of the tools at your disposal to properly manage the contractual relationship with the vendor.  Those tools include, but certainly are not limited to, proper vendor screening and selection, use of expert advisers, the power of contract knowledge/understanding in negotiations, and post-breach remedies like formal demand letters and debarment.
Payment Process This session will give an overview of the payment process in wvOASIS.  The presenter will stress the importance of the vendor name being consistent on the contract, invoice, and in wvOASIS.  He also will review the communications released from the State Auditor's Office in the past year.  This session also will look into the common errors the office encounters and offer ways to avoid the rejects associated with these errors.
Purchasing Card Program This webinar will provide information on the Purchasing Card program and its application within wvOASIS, administered by the State Auditor's Office.
Preparing a Request for Proposal In this class, participants will learn the basic guidelines for preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP), from the initial approval of the Purchasing Division to developing the agency’s goals and objectives, writing the specifications, and completing the RFP template.
Privacy and Cybersecurity This webinar will introduce participants to the State Privacy Office and explain its role in state government, as well as the role of our state procurement officers as gatekeepers through use of the Business Associate Addendum.  Attendees will learn about HIPAA and the HITECH Act, specifically about the importance of ensuring that vendors protect the health information of our state's patients and members.  Finally, attendees will gain a better understanding of the risks that vendors pose to our information and how we can manage and reduce that risk through our purchasing processes and contracts.
Secretary of State Requirements This session will review the necessary documentation vendors need to have on file in the Secretary of State’s office, including the state of incorporation, the address of all officers, the corporate headquarters, the address of the principal place of business, and other pertinent information.
Special Purchases This session will examine the procedures required when an agency intends to process an emergency, direct award, or cooperative (piggyback) procurement, including pre-approvals, required documentation, and exceptions.  Participants also will explore the Purchasing Division's list of non-competitive/exempt commodities and services and how such purchases are handled.
Statewide Contracts This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the purpose and importance of statewide contracts.  Participants will gain a better understanding of the statewide contracts available to them, learn the proper use of these contracts, and discuss how to mitigate vendor issues related to such contracts.
Surplus Property/Fixed Assets This webinar will focus on how to obtain property through the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs.  The discussion will include eligibility requirements of the two programs, use and compliance requirements, and property availability.  In addition, participants will learn the basic requirements of maintaining an agency's inventory in the wvOASIS Fixed Asset System.  Adding property, retiring property, data change requests, and annual certifications will be covered.
Vendor Registration This webinar will discuss the vendor registration process, rules, requirements, and reasons behind the program, and will address questions such as who is required to register as a vendor and when the annual registration fee is applicable.  In addition, we will cover the various methods at our disposal for completing a successful registration and when each tool is used, as well as the responsibilities of both the state agency and the Purchasing Division in the vendor registration process.  Details will be covered related to the electronic vendor/customer registration process and the creation and requirements of the associated documents with wvOASIS.  The vendor/customer data table utilized by the vendor registration process, the wvOASIS system's relationship with Vendor Self-Service, and various fee-exemption codes will all be examined.
West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT) Requirements This session explores recent and upcoming policy improvements, providing an overview and guidance on the WVOT Chief Technology Officer Review and Approval Policy, revealing the “what, why, who, when, and how.”  This workshop also will highlight technology statewide contracts, as well as allow participants the opportunity to provide process improvement feedback.
wvOASIS Procurement:  Part I These introductory webinars will include an overview of wvOASIS procurement documents, processing, terminology, and system features.  The role of commodity codes and encumbrance also will be discussed.
wvOASIS Procurement:  Part II These introductory webinars will include an overview of wvOASIS procurement documents, processing, terminology, and system features.  The role of commodity codes and encumbrance also will be discussed.


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