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Terms Agreements

On this page, please find this resource listing the state-negotiated terms agreements issued by the Purchasing Division.  These are negotiated terms agreements with the vendors listed and do not represent contracts from which individual purchases can be made.

Description Contract
Master Agreement, IBM MA05SW19
Master Agreement, Oracle MSORACLE
Microsoft Master Services Agreement "Enterprise" MSMENTPRZ
Microsoft Select Agreement MSMSELECT
Amazon Business Prime Account AMAZON20
West Publishing Corporation dba West or Thomson Reuters Terms Agreement Template WESTPUBLISH

The information on this site is offered for the convenience of our Internet visitors.  Please note the site is not maintained in real time; therefore, contract activity such as an award, renewal, extension or cancellation may occur before the information is posted.  Official copies of each agreement are on file in the Purchasing Division offices located at 2019 Washington Street, East, Charleston, West Virginia.  In the event a discrepancy is found between the scanned version appearing on this web site and the official copy, the information contained in the official copy will prevail.


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