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Statewide Contract Index
(Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Contracts)

This web page is your connection to the statewide contracts issued by the Purchasing Division.

A statewide contract is contract between the state and a vendor that is made available to all state agencies and some political subdivisions, such as municipalities, counties, boards of education, to purchase frequently-used commodities and services. State agencies that are statutorily required to follow the guidelines established by the Purchasing Division must use these contracts unless they have been designated in the list below as non-mandatory.  Agencies may still be required to use the non-mandatory contracts if directed to do so by their own agency leadership.

Contracts that have the notation "(2 CFR 200 Compliant)" have included the federal contract terms found in 2 C.F.R. §§ 200.317 through 200.327 that are required by the federal government for the expenditures of certain federal funds.

How to use this site:

Below is a listing of all statewide contracts by description and contract code (name).  By clicking the highlighted contract code, you will be directed to additional information on that particular contract.  All contracts and subsequent changes will be included on this secondary page. Please note that some contracts are awarded to multiple vendors.  In these cases, an alpha character (A, B, or C, etc.) will follow the contract name.

To assist in finding a certain commodity, a search box is available that you may enter various keywords to help identify a particular statewide contract.  Simply type in any related keyword in this box and hit “Go.”  A list of possible matches will show, from which you may select.


If you have questions, please contact Buyer Supervisor Mark Atkins at (304) 558-2307 or by email at mark.a.atkins@wv.gov.





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Description Contract
This contract provides discounted air fare for State Agencies and Political Subdivisions.
Asbestos Abatement Services ABATMNT
This contract includes various asbestos abatement services, including, but not limited to, removal of asbestos material, pipefitting, and insulation.
Auto Parts MVPARTS
This contract includes motor vehicle auto parts.
Batteries (Automotive & Equipment) AEBATTERY
This contract includes automotive and equipment lead acid batteries of various sizes and voltages, for both industrial and heavy commercial use.
Box Truck Rentals (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract with Enterprise Rent A Car Co. is to provide Nationwide Commercial Truck Rental Services.
Building Supplies June 15, 2022 (Non-Mandatory)
This contract provides Walk-In Building Supplies to all State Agencies and Political Subdivisions located within the State of West Virginia.
Car, Light Trucks, Mid-Size SUV MV
This contract includes 2020 (or current model year), Classes 1-15, cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, and other vehicles of various makes and models.
Cellular Phones and Tablets CPHONE
This contract includes cell telephones and tablets with various plans, including conventional voice plans, pooled voice plans, flat-rate voice plans, and data plans, as well other accessories, such as chargers and batteries.
Cleaning Supplies (Household) (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes cleaners, mops, brooms, buckets, and other housekeeping supplies.
Commercial Copiers/Scanners Purchase and Lease (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes the lease or purchase of multi-function monochrome digital copiers and small color copiers with various band and accessory options.
Computers (Desktop, Laptop, Other Accessory Devices) (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes desktop and laptop computers with various accessories, such as printers, monitors, and docking stations.
Credit Card (P-Card) Provider Services PCARD
This contract includes purchasing card services.
Debt Collection Services DEBT
This contract includes debt-collection services capable of handling several classifications of accounts, including, but not limited to, education and medical.
Digital Data Circuits/Transport DATATRNSP
This contract includes multi-protocol label switching.
Electronic Monitoring of Offenders (Equipment and Services) July 1, 2021 (Non-Mandatory)
This contract provides electronic monitoring of offender services.
Equipment Rental Services July 1, 2021 (Non-Mandatory)
(2 CFR 200 Compliant)
Provide equipment rental services to all state agencies and political subdivisions.
Fasteners and Accessories (Screws, Nuts, Bolts, etc.) (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes industrial and commercial fasteners and other fastening devices, including but not limited to, bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and anchors.
Fingerprinting Equipment and Services (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes electronic live-scan fingerprinting services.
Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, Heating, Kerosene, etc.) FUEL
This contract includes unleaded gasoline, E-10, unleaded diesel, winterized diesel, B5 biodiesel, winterized B5 biodiesel, and heating fuel.
Geographic Information System (GIS) Software ESRI
This contract includes geographic information system software, data, web services, documentation, services, and hardware.
Google G-Suite Software as a Service GSUITE
This contract provides G-Suite products and services.
Heavy Trucks, Van, Full-Size SUV MVTRUCK
This contract includes 2020 (or current model year) Classes 20-39, GVWR 8500 lbs. or less.
Industrial Supplies (Maintenance, Repair, and Operation Supplies) July 1, 2021 (Non-Mandatory)
This contract includes facility maintenance, repair and operations equipment and supplies.
Lease/Finance Contract FINANCE
This contract includes financing for equipment and other capital financing needs in the form of a master lease purchase financing agreement.
Light Bulbs and Ballasts (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes compact fluorescent lights (CFL), fluorescent bulbs, metal halide bulbs, light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, high pressure sodium bulbs and associated ballast.
Microsoft Software LAR
This contract provides software licensing at a discount.
Office Furniture                (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes panel systems, filing cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, and other furniture needed in an office environment.
Office Supplies                (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes paper clips, bulletin boards, labels, notepads, pens and pencils, file folders, index cards, tape and tape dispensers, staples and staplers.
Oils, Lubricants, and Grease                 (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes various sizes and types of oil, grease, lubricants, and transmission fluids.
Paint and Painting Supplies                  (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes interior and exterior paints of various sheens and colors, and various paint tools including but not limited to paint brushes, roller covers, masking tape, and canvas drop cloth.
Pest Control (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
These contracts provide pest control services for all districts.
Record Storage (Physical Records) RECMGT
This contract includes physical housing and storage of documents; retrieval of documents; pick-up and delivery of documents; indexing of new documents; and destruction of documents.
Rental Cars July 1, 2021 (Non-Mandatory)
This contract includes vehicle rental services and related goods, such as roadside assistance, one-way and roundtrip rentals, and maintenance and operating expenses, from nationwide locations.
School Buses (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes school buses of varying in capacity and unit, such as conventional and special needs with automatic transmission.
Security Guard Personnel (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes security guard services of varying classifications, such as probationary guard, security guard, sergeant, and lieutenant.
Small Package Delivery Services July 1, 2021 (Non-Mandatory)
(2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This blanket, open-end contract is in accordance with Legislative Rule Section 148-1-7-9.1 and is to provide small package delivery services to all state agencies and political subdivisions.
Telephone Service (Voice Over Internet Protocol - VOIP) VOIP
This contract is for the procurement of the state's voice-over-Internet-protocol (VOIP) service.
Telephone Services, Local (When VOIP Unavailable) CENTREX
This contract includes centrex and other related services.
Telephone Services, Long Distance (When VOIP Unavailable) LDPHONE
This contract includes traditional long distance (intrastate, interstate and international) and the necessary dedicated T-1s to handle traffic, calling cards, inbound toll free calling, and directory assistance.
Temporary Employees (Various Categories) TEMP
This contract includes accounting technicians, cooks, custodians, data-entry personnel, groundskeepers, casual laborers, mail runners, and office assistants.
Timeclocks TIMECLOCK
This contract includes Kronos timekeeping clock hardware and maintenance services.
Tires (New)  (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes new passenger, pursuit, and medium and light-duty vehicle truck tires.
Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, and Related Products  SANPAP
This contract includes toilet paper, facial tissue, toilet seat covers, hand towels, and dispensers.
Trash Bags (2 CFR 200 Compliant)
This contract includes trash can liners of various sizes and thickness.
Travel Agent/Management TRAVEL
This contract includes booking air and ground transportation, and hotel and motel rooms at the lowest fare possible which meets the traveler’s agenda for the mode of travel preferred, the accommodations, and any in-city ground transportation.
Website Management EPORTAL
This is an open-end contract to provide web-based portal management services.
WVARF - Commodities and Services April 1,2022 (Non-Mandatory)
This contract includes absorbent products, bottled water, condiment kits, courier services, data management, document imaging, grounds maintenance, interstate restrooms, janitorial services, laundry and linen service, low impact monitoring of roads and bridges, microfilming services, presort US mail, soap, survey stakes, and wiping cloths.
WVARF - Janitorial Services  April 1,2022 (Non-Mandatory)
This contract includes dusting, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, emptying trash, disinfecting restrooms, and cleaning window.

The information on this site is offered for the convenience of our Internet visitors. Please note the site is not maintained in real time; therefore, contract activity such as an award, renewal, extension or cancellation may occur before the information is posted. Official copies of each statewide contract are on file in the Purchasing Division offices located at 2019 Washington Street, East, Charleston, West Virginia. In the event a discrepancy is found between the scanned version appearing on this web site and the official copy, the information contained in the official copy will prevail.


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