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The West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property (WVSASP) makes two vehicle lists available to the public.  One is the weekly Vehicle Sales List and the other is the Vehicle Sealed Bid list, shown below.

Surplus will accept bids for items on the bid opportunity list from the time that the list is posted online until 9:15 AM on the following Wednesday.  Any bids received will be sealed (if not already sealed) and placed in a secure location until bid opening.  Bids can be hand delivered, faxed or received via USPS, UPS or Fed-Ex.  Anyone arriving at Surplus at 9:00 am on Wednesday can also fill out a bid form and submit it prior to 9:15 AM bid opening.

Surplus will publicly open all bids, if any have been received, at 9:15 AM each Wednesday.  If no one bids on the vehicles listed on the bid opportunity list, the vehicle becomes available for direct public sale at 9:15 AM.

Should two individuals show up at the same time on the same day wanting to purchase items that are not on the bid opportunities list, these items will be removed from direct public sale and placed on the bid opportunity list for the next week.  If the new bid opportunity list has already been published, it will be available the following week.

If a bidder fails to pay within 24 hours, or remove the property from the Surplus lot within 48 hours, the bidder may be disqualified from future bidding for a period of time determined by Surplus to be appropriate.  The property subject to the failed bid will be offered to the next lowest bidder.  If no other bidder is interested, the property will become available by direct public sale.

Should an eligible organization be interested in an item on the bid list, they can notify WVSASP in writing or e-mail and they will be able to purchase the item at the posted price.  If more than one eligible organization is interested in the same item, the first to notify WVSASP will be granted the first option to purchase the item.

In order to submit a bid for property on the Vehicle Sealed Bid list, please review and complete the WVSASP Sealed Bid Form and Terms and Conditions.

All inquiries regarding the statewide sealed bid process should be directed to the WVSASP at (304) 766-2626 or toll-free (800) 576-7587.


September 28, 2022

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Tag #  Year Make and Model VIN Mileage Minimum Bid
210077 2013 KAWASAKI TERYX 750 MOTOR MAKES NOISE   3,500.00
2022211 2012 CHEVROLET MALIBU WHITE 1G1ZA5EU6CF389587 127,788 4,000.00
2022212 2015 JEEP PATRIOT BLACK 1C4NJRBB8FD440037 136,825 5,500.00
2022213 2014 JEEP PATRIOT BLACK 1C4NJRBB8ED558247 123,686 5,400.00
2022214 2010 FORD ESCAPE WHITE 1FMCU9DG2AKD20967 130,626 3,900.00
2022215 2015 FORD TAURUS SILVER 1FAHP2MK3FG107748 129,670 8,600.00
2022216 2015 FORD TAURUS GRAY 1FAHP2MK6FG107775 123,712 9,100.00
2022217 2012 FORD FUSION WHITE 3FAHP0GA2CR239041 128,376 3,800.00
2022218 2016 CHEVROLET TRAVERSE GRAY 1GNKVFEDXGJ236708 116,329 10,900.00



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