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Specification Index 


The West Virginia Purchasing Division is pleased to offer a repository of specification samples that may be used by state agencies and local government entities when procuring certain commodities and services.  These sample specifications, which can be modified to suit your particular needs, may be used by agency procurement officers to expedite the development of specifications.

Should you have any suggestions or comments regarding these posted specifications or should you wish to request specifications to be added for a particular commodity or service, please email Purchasing.Division@wv.gov.


To search the below text on the page, you may press CTRL+F on your keyboard to browse for a key word.

Commodity or Service Specification Template
Elevator Maintenance Master Specification
HVAC Maintenance Master Specification
Security System Master Specification
General Construction Specifications (No AIA Documents)
Pricing Page Access/Camera
Pricing Page Migration of Existing Security Access System to Existing Access System
Specification Disclosure
Tractor Master Specification
Pricing Page



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