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Contracts with Piggyback Provisions
(Optional Contracts)

The Purchasing Division’s Optional Piggyback Contract Page has been temporarily suspended. The Purchasing Division is in the process of re-evaluating various statewide and piggyback contracts to ensure that the contracts listed reflect a current need for multiple agencies, have not expired, and have been properly executed and categorized as a statewide or piggyback contract.

If a state agency desires to utilize an existing contract through the piggyback process, that agency should contact its designated buyer within the Purchasing Division. The Purchasing Division buyer will work with the agency designated procurement officer to determine if the request may be processed as a piggyback contract and, if so, will require the agency to complete the necessary documentation, including the Cooperative Purchasing Request, Justification and Approval form (WV-40) or the subsequent Cooperative Purchasing Request, Confirmation and Approval form (WV-40A).

For procedures in utilizing piggyback contracts, please visit Section 7.7 of the Purchasing Division Procedures Handbook at:


Thank you for your cooperation relating to this matter.

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