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What is OASIS?

wvOASIS Guide

This web page gives some general information related to the procurement module of the State of West Virginia's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, known as wvOASIS.  The wvOASIS system is administered by the Enterprise Resource Planning Board and more information about that agency can be found at wvOASIS.gov.

West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin

The West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin is available only through the Vendor Self-Service portal in wvOASIS.  To see current bid opportunities, open the Vender Self-Service (VSS) portal at wvOASIS.gov and select “View Published Solicitations.”

Searching Bid Opportunities

All published bidding opportunities ("solicitations") are for goods and services out for bid by West Virginia state agencies and are updated regularly.  Vendors are invited to search for solicitations in the Vendor Self-Service portal using key words and other criteria, such as by newly-published solicitations.  There is no limit to the number of bidding opportunities a vendor can view.

Please continue to visit this special webpage created by the West Virginia Purchasing Division for updated information on the procurement module of wvOASIS.  You are also encouraged to visit the wvOASIS official website at wvOASIS.gov for more details on this project.

Request Information

Questions concerning central-level solicitations may be directed to the appropriate central-level state buyer by calling 1-304-558-2306 or toll-free at 1-800-243-7298.  Questions regarding agency-delegated solicitations may be directed to that agency's designated procurement officer.


Create an Account in Vendor Self Service

The Vendor Self-Service Portal (VSS) allows vendors to conduct business with the State of West Virginia.  Many state procurement functions such as the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin and vendor registration are administered in wvOASIS through the VSS portal.

Vendors can utilize the VSS to manage their registration accounts and take advantage of its many benefits including:

- Setting up user accounts for its employees based on the type of access they need to have
- Receiving e-mailed bid alerts and notifications based on the commodity codes the vendor selects
- Keeping the company’s contact information, including mail and e-mail addresses, up-to-date
- Reviewing business opportunities, awarded contracts, and payment status online

Since the system went live on July 8, 2014, bid opportunities for the vendor community appear through the VSS portal.  Vendors are strongly encouraged to activate their vendor accounts, update registration information, and set up employee accounts at their earliest convenience.  For more information on setting up your company in the Vendor Self-Service system, you may consult the AMS Advantage® Vendor Self Service Registration Quick Start Guide.

When you are ready to activate your VSS account, please visit wvOASIS.gov and click the Vendor Self-Service link to begin.


Registering with Purchasing Division

After you set up a user ID for yourself, you can then begin the process of registering with the West Virginia Purchasing Division, if you choose to do so.  The Purchasing Division’s vendor registration requirements involve a Disclosure of Information and the payment of an annual fee.  Both of these pieces must be in place in order for your entity to be fully eligible to receive orders from a State of West Virginia agency.

Completed Purchasing Division Vendor Registration
Disclosure of Information (such as your entity's current active federal tax identification number) Payment of Annual Fee


Paying the Annual Registration Fee Online

The $125 vendor registration fee may be paid or renewed online through the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal at wvOASIS.gov after you have successfully entered your login information created on behalf of your business entity.

In order to successfully submit your registration fee in the online payment system, please follow the illustrated steps below.

Once you have entered your login ID and password for the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) portal, you should see a dashboard similar to the below.

A screenshot of the VSS home-page.

In order to find the VSS payment link, use your browser's scrollbar on the left-hand side of the screen, and scroll down until you see a link labeled, "Click here to renew vendor registration fees," shown in the below illustration.A screenshot of the VSS home-page.

After pressing "Click here to renew vendor registration fees," you should be taken to the wvOASIS payment portal, shown in the below illustration. A screenshot of the VSS payment portal Navigating with the scrollbar on the center of the page, please enter the information being requested about your business entity.  Fields highlighted in red are required.  Those that are not highlighted are optional.

Once you have entered your business information in the required fields, click the checkbox that says, "I understand that my billing statement will say WV Oasis". A screenshot of the VSS payment portal

After checking the aforementioned box, the fields where you may enter your payment information should appear. A screenshot of the VSS payment portal Once you have entered your payment information, please click the "Pay" button at the bottom of the form.  Following its successful submission, you should receive an automated confirmation by email that includes the transaction's final status in a PDF attachment.  Please note, the PDF receipt generated by the wvOASIS system could take approximately one hour to be compiled and delivered to your email address.

If successful, the status on the second line of your emailed receipt will read "CompletedOk." If your payment transaction was unsuccessful, the status listed on your emailed receipt will read "Failed."

Responding to a Solicitation

Vendors may respond to solicitations online through the Vendor Self-Service portal at wvOASIS.gov.  In the case of solicitations expected to exceed $50,000 going through the formal purchasing process with the West Virginia Purchasing Division, vendors may alternatively respond in hard copy format and submit responses to the Purchasing Division offices prior to the bid-opening date and time.

Vendors wanting to learn more about how to do business with the State of West Virginia are encouraged to read the West Virginia Vendor Procurement Guide, which serves as an introductory resource for businesses interested in the procurement process with state government entities.


What is wvOASIS?

wvOASIS is the state's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  It has modernized the state's business processes through automation, fully or partially replacing approximately 100 of the state's former business applications.

An ERP system is a comprehensive suite of software modules that provide for statewide administrative functions, including financial management, procurement, asset management, personnel administration, payroll, time reporting, and benefits administration.

The purpose of this system is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions within state government and manage more effectively the relationships to our partners, such as the vendor community.  These integrated software modules play a vital role in operating a modern approach to the state government procurement process and enhances tracking, reporting, and provides a greater transparency to state government functions.

One new user-friendly function of wvOASIS is the Vendor Self-Service (VSS) feature.  Many of the existing state procurement functions, such as the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin and vendor registration, are now being administered in wvOASIS through the VSS portal.  The VSS portal allows vendors to:

- View commodities and services currently out for bid that your company may be able to supply
- Receive solicitation notifications by e-mail based on commodities and services in which your company has expressed interest at the time of registration
- Improve future business opportunities with the State of West Virginia
- Review awarded contracts
- Perform inquiries pertaining to awards
- View payment status online and submit invoices online
- Update your company contact information, including mail and e-mail addresses
- Set up user accounts for employees based on the type of access your business requests


wvOASIS Guide

Some existing purchasing terminology has changed with the wvOASIS system.  We offer this translation chart below to assist vendors with this transition.

Pre-wvOASIS Terms wvOASIS Terms
Bid Opening Close Date
End Date Effective to Date
Fixed Amount Contract Contract (CT)
FY Budget FY
Grant Major Program
Invoice Payment Request
Start Date Effective from Date
Open-end or Statewide Contract Master Agreement
Payment Disbursement
Release Orders Delivery Orders
Spot Purchases Purchase Orders
Vendor ID Vendor Code
Warrant Check/EFT






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