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The West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property (WVSASP) conducts public sales through a statewide sealed bid process on occasion. This process is used when an agency retires property and due to the quantity, uniqueness, and/or physical size of the property, it is more efficient and/or beneficial to dispose of the property at the agency’s location.

To participate in the statewide sealed bid process, a bid document with the list of the property must be obtained from the WVSASP. Also included in the bid document is the bid opening date and time which is established for bids to be received by the WVSASP. General terms and conditions are included which must be signed prior to submitting the bid. At the designated date and time of the opening, WVSASP officials open all received bids and the successful bidder will be notified. Payment must be made prior to the successful bidder taking possession of the property.

All inquiries regarding the statewide sealed bid process should be directed to the WVSASP at (304) 766-2626 or toll-free (800) 576-7587.


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