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wvOASIS for Local Governments

If your local government receives grant payments from the State of West Virginia, it is possible for you to view the status of these payments online, as well as view transaction history of these payments, through a web-based portal called Vendor Self-Service that you can access through wvOASIS.gov.  Please see below for instructions on how to configure your Vendor Self-Service account with direct deposit functionality.

Setting up Direct Deposit in wvOASIS through the Vendor Self-Service Portal.

• Go to wvOASIS.gov

• Click “Vendor Self Service”

• Click “Register”

• At the correct prompt, after acceptance of terms, search by tax ID to see if your entity is already in the wvOASIS system.

• If your tax ID is not in the system, begin the process to create a Vendor Self-Service account at wvOASIS.gov.

• If you find your entity in the tax ID search, and the account is unclaimed, select “Click here to activate your account” in order to begin the process of setting up a user ID in order to log in to VSS and utilize its features on behalf of your entity.

• By this step, you should now have a wvOASIS account (and corresponding vendor/customer number) for your entity as well as a user ID to log into VSS on behalf of your entity. Please make note of your 12-digit wvOASIS vendor/customer number.

• In order to add a state-authorized bank account to your entity’s VSS record, a form is required that is to be submitted to the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office.

• In order to download this form, please visit https://www.wvsao.gov/ElectronicPayments/Default and find the section titled “Vendor Forms.”

• For a first-time direct deposit request, please complete and sign the “Company eVendor Agreement ( Setup )” form. In accordance with the form’s requirements, enclose either a voided check or a letter from your financial institution as described on the form.

• Make sure your 12-digit wvOASIS vendor/customer is noted on the Company eVendor Agreement form.

• Return to West Virginia State Auditor's Office/ ePayments Division - 1900 Kanawha Blvd E - Bldg 1, Rm W-121 - Charleston, WV 25305 or FAX to 304-340-5084.



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