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2019 Agency Purchasing Conference
September 17-20, 2019
Lakeview Resort
Morgantown, WV

The West Virginia Purchasing Division would like to thank all state agency purchasers who attended the 2019 Agency Purchasing Conference.  This conference was offered at Lakeview Resort from September 17-20, 2019.  More than 300 agency participants, staff, guests, and presenters attended this conference.  Attendees gained valuable insight into the state purchasing process, with more than 25 key procurement-related workshop topics and eleven concurrent workshop sessions to fill.


Conference Features

This year’s agenda featured:

• Six concurrent workshops, expanded from the previous five, giving attendees a greater selection of topics;

• Six new topics, including State Ethics and Open Governmental Meetings Act, Insurance and Bonds, Forms and Documentation, Office of Technology Requirements, Secretary of State Requirements, and a Boards and Commissions workshop focused on requirements solely for those agencies;

• A beginner’s track with eight workshops perfect for individuals new to the state purchasing process or those who simply need a refresher, but are not sure what classes to take;

• An advanced track, open to all primary and backup designated procurement officers.  The advanced track this year will highlight procurement theory, legislative updates, and procurement roundtable discussions;

• The wvOASIS and Request for Proposals workshops will now have a Part I and Part II to ensure the content within the sessions are taken in an order that makes sense with ample time to cover the material;

• Group meals with plenty of opportunities for networking; and

• Special recognition of those with stellar performances in the public purchasing field, including the 2018 “Procurement Officer of the Year” Award, a new “Excellence in Specification Writing” Award, and recognition of those who have obtained the basic and advanced certifications in the last year.

Award Nominations

The Purchasing Division was pleased to continue its tradition of honoring its agency partners with the "Procurement Officer of the Year" award, as well as presenting its first-ever "Excellence in Specification Writing" award.  Click here for the results of these two awards. 





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