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Exchange Disclaimer

The West Virginia Materials Exchange does hereby state to any and all individuals, companies, corporations, and all other entities which may list material of any kind or type including hazardous and non-hazardous, or that may use information found on the Exchange to facilitate purchases of or otherwise exchanges of material found on this exchange, that the Materials Exchange bears no liability in any form for the materials being sold, given, received or otherwise exchanged as a result of the information provided by the Exchange.

All exchanges of material listed on the Materials Exchange must be handled in compliance with all existing laws, rules and/or regulations governing the exchange and/or transfer of ownership of such materials.

The above individual, company, corporation and/or other entity does hereby state that it has read this disclaimer and that it fully understands and complies with its provisions. It further agrees to hold WV SWMB Materials Exchange harmless from any and all litigation resulting from the exchange and/or transfer of any material as a result of the listing information provided.

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