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Recent Success Includes:

  • West Virginia company used the materials exchange to find specialty market for 800 gallons per month of uncontaminated jet fuel for refining or recycling.

  • $104,000 in revenue for a West Virginia company that listed and successfully exchanged 520,000 gallons  of syrup, a by-product from a food processing plant to be used for dust control in construction.

  • $60,480 in revenue to a West Virginia company as the result of to an on-going exchange relationship with an international plastics broker originating from a listing on the exchange.

  • $7,000 in disposal costs saved when a West Virginia company successfully exchanged unused sulfuric acid with a Pennsylvania company.

  • $7,500 in revenue and $12,000 in disposal saved when a WV Solid Waste Authority sold 300 tons of recyclable glass through the exchange.

Created in 1998 by the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board, the exchange works with business, industry, government agencies, the recycling community and others to facilitate the exchange, reuse and recycling of surplus materials, overstocks, and manufacturing by-products.

By exploring exchange opportunities you can save your company thousands in disposal costs while at the same time freeing up  scarce and expensive to build landfill air-space. 

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