The mountains and valleys of West Virginia. Photo taken from the observation tower at Pipestem State Park.
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2015 West Virginia Solid Waste Management Plan


Click here for the complete plan


Legislative Issues

Click here for weekly updates of current legislative activity regarding solid waste issues and other related topics.

Click here for a powerpoint presentation on monitoring     legislative activity.

Click here for an in-depth look at the West Virginia Legislature


Public Service Commission Activities Related to Solid Waste

Public Service Commission: Active Cases


Electronic Waste Management

Click here for information on the proper disposal of electronic waste;

Click here for information on E-Cycling.


Disposing of Medication

 Use the following link to review current US Department of Justice policies on collecting and disposing of medication. 


US Department of Justice, Office of Diversion Control


Stop Metal Theft!

The Institute for Scrap Recylcing Industries has created a website to assist law enforcement in controling metal theft. The site contains information on metal theft which includes a summary of legislation in all 50 states and provides a tool for reporting metal theft.


Notice of Landfill Ban

As of January 1, 2011, televisions, computers, or video display device a screen that is greater than four inches measured diagonally are banned from being disposed in state landfills.


Click here for information on the landfill ban, electronic waste management and e-cycling.


State Websites: WV State Website, WV Legislature, WV Department of Environmental Protection, WV Secretary of State, WV Public Service Commission, WV State Auditor's Office.
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