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Administrative Guide for Solid Waste Authorities - Updated 2015

Complete Guide

The purpose of this document is to provide initial instruction to new SWA board members and provide a resource for SWA veterans detailing the operational aspects of their county and/or regional Solid Waste Authorities (SWAs). Subjects covered in the guide include SWA administration, business procedures, solid waste planning, issuing certificates of siting approval for solid waste facilities, SWMB grants, recycling and market development, the role of education in solid waste management, cleaning up open dumps, enforcing mandatory disposal and operating and closing solid waste authority owned facilities.

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Chapter 1: Solid Waste Authority Administration

Information contained covers all aspects of being a solid waste authority board member; appointing authorities, conflicts of interest, duties and powers of SWAs, how to conduct a meeting, record keeping, purchasing and spending guidelines, and keeping good financial records.

Chapter 1: Attachements

Chapter 2: Business Procedures Applicable to Solid Waste Authorities

Chapter reviews a lot of Federal Policies, employment requirements, workers compensation information, labor laws and dealing with independent contractors.

Chapter 2: Attachments

Chapter 3: Solid Waste Authority Plans

Every solid waste authority is responsible for updating their Comprehensive Litter and Solid Waste Control Plan and Commercial Solid Waste Facility Plan every five years, in accordance with Legislative Rule 54CSR3 and 54CSR4. This chapter contains information on how to update both plans.

Chapter 3: Attachments

Chapter 4: Issuing Certificates of Site Approval

The main regulatory responsibility of SWAs is the approval or denial of an application for a Certificate of Site Approval for any commercial solid waste facility within the authority's county. Chapter four discusses the process and procedures that must be followed when handling such requests.

Chapter 4: Attachments

Chapter 5: Solid Waste Grants

Solid waste authorities are eligible to apply for SWMB grant funds every year. These funds are allocated through WV Code §22C-4-30. This chapter discusses the grant program, application procedures, reporting and auditing requirements as well as other state grant funds available to SWAs.

Chapter 5: Attachments

Chapter 6: Solid Waste Regulations and Intergovernmental Affairs

This chapter explains the different state, county, and municipal entities involved in environmental regulation within the State.

Chapter 6: Attachments

Chapter 7: Recycling Programs and Market Development

Operating a successful recycling operation is a hard task. Information is provided in this chapter to explain the most commonly recycled items, how markets work, common processing requirements and the different types of processing equipment.

Chapter 7: Attachment

Chapter 8: The Role of Education in Solid Waste Management

This chapter discusses the importance of educating the public on the proper ways to reduce litter and eliminate open dumping, promoting recycling and reuse and source reduction activities.

Chapter 9: Cleaning Up Open Dumps

Open dumps have always been a burden on every county solid waste authority. Informaiton is provided on how to identify, fund and remove such material.

Chapter 9: Attachment

Chapter 10: Enforcing Mandatory Disposal

WV Code §22C-4-10 requires that SWAs establish a mandatory garbage disposal program in their Comprehensive Litter and Solid Waste Control Plan. This chapter briefly discusses the enforcement of mandatory garbage disposal and dealing with "bulky goods."

Chapter 10: Attachment

Chapter 11: Operating and Closing Solid Waste Authority Owned Facilities

Should a SWA feel the need to open and operate a solid waste facility within their county, this chapter discusses (at a minimum) some items to consider. Also, for the few authorities that currently operate a solid waste facility, information is provided on how to deal with closures.

Chapter 11: Attachment

Appendix A: WV Code §22C-4



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