Recycling, Market Development & Planning Section


FY 2014 Grant Packet Guidelines

for Local Solid Waste Authorities



FY 2014 Grant Instructions & Application

  • Eligibility for Grant Funds

  • Grant Application Information

  • Grant Application Submission Information

  • Requirements of Grant Recipients

  • Application Forms

  • Title 54, Series 5 Legislative Rule, Disbursement of Grants to Solid Waste Authorities

  • West Virginia Regional Planning & Development Council Districts

  • Grant Application Cover Sheet

  • Grant Program Narrative Instructions

  • Grant Program Narrative

  • FY 2014 Budget Form

  • FY 2014 Budget Itemization Supplemental Form

  • FY 2014 Grant Timeline Graph

  • FY 2014 Grant Stipulations

  • Resolution Authorizing an Application for a Solid Waste Authority Grant

  • Certification Regarding Drug Free Workplace Requirements

  • Solid Waste Authority Board Appointment Form

  • FY 2014 Recycling Information Form

  • FY 2014 Recycling Equipment Form

This form is interactive


Read the instructions provided in the FY 2014 Grant application carefully. 


You can type directly onto the forms provided in the FY 2014 Grant Application Forms document. Just fill out the required fields, save the file to the hardrive of your computer, print it out, get the appropriate signatures on pages 23, 24, 25 and 26, and put it in the mail. 


Due to recent software developments, you can save this form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. 


All parts of the FY 2014 Grant Application Forms file must be returned to the Solid Waste Management Board. 


The Grant Application Forms must be returned to the SWMB postmarked by April 30, 2013.


It is suggested that you download the latest release of Adobe Acrobat Reader from:




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