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This website was created by the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board to provide the people of  West Virginia and the state's solid waste managers with the information they need to facilitate the environmentally sound management of end-of-life electronics and to comply with W. Va. Code §22-15A-22(e)

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Manufactures Recycling Programs

The following table contains a listing of manufacturing recycling programs. These manufacturers have taken responsiblity for the products they created by providing the public with cost free recycling services.  Some have their own in-house recycling programs, some work through others. We have also provided toll free numbers for each company.

Manufactures Brand Names Websites Toll Free
3M Touch Systems 3M Dynapro, Library, Microtouch, Touch Systems, Dynapro 3M Touch Systems US - Recycling Regulatory 1-886-407-6666
Acer American Acer, Emachines, Gateway http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/recycling-pc#westvirginia 1-800-846-2301
Apple Apple, iPod, Mac, IPad www.apple.com/recycling/ 1-877-712-2405
Asus Computer International Asus http://csr.asus.com/english/Takeback.htm 1-866-GRX-4920
Atico International USA Digital Prism www.digitalprism.biz 1-800-645-3867
BenQ American Corp. BenQ http://www.benq.us/support/recycling 1-866-600-2367
Best Buy Dynex, Insignia www.bestbuy.com/recycling 1-800-732-9254
Dell, Inc. Dell, Alienware, PCs Limited www.dell.com/recycles 1-800-761-3355
Electronics Manufactures Recycling Management Company
Accusync, Aquos, ELO, ELO Touchsystems (Tyco), ELOtouch, Fisher, JVC, Memorex, Mitsubishi, Multisync, N Power (Nickelodeon), NEC, Orion, Panasonic, Panasonic Toughbook, Samsui, Sanyo, Sharp, Toshiba, Visio and World www.mrmrecycling.com 1-800-919-3647
Fujitsu Computer System, Inc. Fujitsu www.fujitsu.com/Recycle 1-800-FUJITSU
Gammatech Computer Corp. Durabook, Slimnote www.gammatechusa.com/recycle 1-800-552-8946
General Dynamics Itronix Corp. General Dynamics Itronix, Tadpole www.gd-itronix.com/recycle 1-800-638-9270
Hannspree North America, Inc. Hannspree, Hanns-G, I-Inc. www.hannspree.com/US/EN/WestVirginia.aspx 1-888-808-6789
HP HP, Apallo Computer, Compaq, Digital Equipment Corp. www.hp.com/recycle 1-800-340-2445
Intel Corp. Intel Reader www.readerrecycles.com 1-866-357-7030
Lenovo, Inc. Lenovo www.lenovo.com/lenovo/environment/recycling 1-866-96-THINK
Medion AG Medion http://portal.aerccr.com/TRCS/
Motion Computing Motion Computing www.motioncomputing.com/support/recycle.asp 1-866-622-7340
Motorola Motorola, Droid X www.motorola.com/recycling 1-888-567-7347
Nintendo of North America Nintendo Dsi XL http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/recycle.jsp 1-800-255-3700
Noika, Inc. Noika Booklet 3G www.nokiausa.com/recycle 1-888-465-4228
Oracle America, Inc Sun, Sun Microsystems,  Sun Ray 270, Sun Ultra, Oracle www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/green
1-800-786-0404 OPT 2
Planar systems Planar, Runco, Vidikron www.planarsystems.com/green/us/ 1-866-204-3966
Research In Motion Blackberry www.blackberry.com/recycling 1-877-644-8410
Samsung Electronics Samsung, Samtron, Syncmaster www.Samsung.com/recyclingdirect 1-877-278-0799
Shuttle Company Shuttle http://us.shuttle.com/Recycling.aspx 1-888-972-1818
Sony Electronics, Inc. Sony, AIWA http://green.sel.sony.com/pages/recycle2.html 1-877-439-2795
Systemax Manufacturing systemax www.systemaxpc.com 1-800-262-6622
Toshiba American Information System Toshiba www.planarsystems.com/green/us/ 1-800-TOSHIBA
Velocity Micro, Inc Cruz Reader, Cruz Tablet, Velocity Micro http://www.velocitymicro.com/recycling.php 1-800-303-7866
Venturer Electronics, Inc. Venturer www.venture.com/recycle.aspx 1-800-252-6123
Viewsonic Corp. Viewsonic, Utobia, Sybervision, Optiquest www.viewsonic.com/company/green/ 1-800-688-6688
Wacom Technology Cintiq, Wacom www.wacom.com/ewaste 1-800-922-6613
WalMart Durabrand www.walmart.gazelle.com

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For information on SB 398 and the landfill ban on electronics, stakeholders meetings and general information on e-waste planning and e-Cycling:

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For information on the Covered Electronic Devices Grant program, manufacture registration and compliance,  and general information on e-Cycling:
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