Recycling, Market Development & Planning Section


Administrative Guide for West Virginia

Solid Waste Authorities

Updated November 2015

Table of Contents

  Cover, Staff Directory, Solid Waste Management Board, Table of Contents  
  Chapter One: Solid Waste Authority Administration 1-1
    Solid Waste Management Board 1-1
    Solid Waste Authorities 1-1
      County SWA Membership 1.1
Regional SWA Membership 1.1
      General Information 1-2
      Conflicts of Interest 1-2
      Duties and Powers of Solid Waste Authorities 1-2
      Solid Waste Authority Meetings 1-3
      Parliamentary Procedure 1-5
      Open Meetings 1-5
      Public Hearings 1-5
      Executive Sessions 1-6
      By-Laws 1-7
      Administrative Rules 1-7
      Resignations 1-7
      Record Keeping 1-7
      Purchasing and Spending Guidelines 1-7
      State Cooperative Purchasing Program 1-9
      State Surplus Property 1-9
      Insurance 1-9
      Examination of Financial Records 1-9
      Uniform Chart of Accounts 1-10
    Questions and Answers on Solid Waste Authority Administration 1-10
  Attachment 1-A: Solid Waste Authority Term Charts 1A-1
    Appoiniting Agency Contact Information 1A-2
  Attachment 1-B: W. Va. Code 22C-4-23 1B-1
  Attachment 1-C: Sample Solid Waste Authority Agenda 1C-1
  Attachment 1-D: Sample of Meeting Minutes 1D-1
  Attachment 1-E: Sample Solid Waste Authority Financial Records 1E-1
    Treasurers Report 1E-1
    Budget Report 1E-2
    Annual Income Statement 1E-3
  Attachment 1-F: Example of Possible Language for By-Laws 1F-1
  Attachment 1-G: Solid Waste Authority Suggested Record Retention 1G-1
Attachment 1-H: Examinations into Affairs of Local Public Officials 1H-1
  Chapter 2: Business Procedures Applicable to Solid Waste Authorities 2-1
    Federal Government Responsibilities 2-1
      Drug Free Workplace 2-2
Smoking Restrictions in the Workplace 2-2
      Safe Workplace 2-2
      The Americans with Disabilities Act 2-2
      Anti-Discrimination Laws 2-2
    West Virginia Employment Requirements 2-3
      Unemployment Compensation 2-3
    Workers Compensation 2-3
    Labor Laws That Apply To All Solid Waste Authorities 2-4
      Minimum Wate 2-4
      Wage Payment and Collection 2-4
      Overtime Payment 2-4
      Child Labor Law 2-4
      Equal Pay Law 2-4
    Solid Waste Authority Employees and Independent Contractors 2-5
  Attachment 2-A: Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy 2A-1
  Attachment 2-B: Smoking Restrictions in the Workplace Policy 2B-1
  Chapter 3: Solid Waste Authority Plans 3-1
    Comprehensive Litter & Solid Waste Control Plan 3-1
      Recycling Plan 3-1
      Mandated Municipalities 3-1
      County Recycling Program 3-2
    Commercial Solid Waste Facility Siting Plan 3-2
    Updating and Amending Plans 3-3
    Questions & Answers on Solid Waste Authority Plans 3-3
  Attachment 3-A: W. Va. Code Rules §54-3 3A-1
  Attachment 3-B: W. Va. Code Rules §54-4 3B-1
  Attachment 3-C: Comprehensive Litter & Solid waste Control Plan Review Sheet 3C-1
  Attachment 3-D: Sample Recycling Ordinance 3D-1
  Attachment 3-E: Commercial SOlid Waste Facility Siting Plan Review Sheet 3E-1
  Attachment 3-F: Siting Plan Amendment Process 3F-1
Chapter 4: Issuing Certificates of Site Approval 4-1
    Distance from an Airport Runway 4-1
    Solid Waste Authority Rules for Certification of Site Approval 4-1
      Siting a Class A Facility 4-2
    Questions and Answers on Issuing Certificates of Site Approval 4-2
  Attachment 4-A: Application of Certificate of Site Approval 4A-1
  Attachment 4-B: Pre-Siting Portion of the Permit Process - Non-Class “A” Facilities 4B-1
  Attachment 4-C: Pre-Siting Portion of the Permit Process - Class “A” and Converting Class “B” to “A” 4C-1
  Chapter 5: Solid Waste Grants 5-1
    West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board Grant Instructions for Solid Waste Authorities 5-1
    Availability of Grant Funds 5-1
    Applications for Grants 5-1
      Eligibility 5-1
      Applications for Grant 5-1
      Deadline for Application 5-2
      Regional Council Review 5-2
    Grant Information 5-2
      Grant Period 5-2
      Award Date 5-2
      Grant Expenditures 5-2
      Compliance with Federal and State Law 5-2
      Separate Checking Account 5-2
      Grant Disbursements 5-2
      Bid Solicitations 5-2
      Equipment Title 5-3
    Reporting Requirements 5-3
      Semiannual Report 5-3
      Expenditure Summary 5-3
      Semiannual Recap Sheet 5-3
      Final Report 5-3
      Board’s Review of Reports 5-3
      Field Audits 5-3
    Grant Withdrawal and Penalty 5-4
      Withdrawal of Grant 5-4
    Auditing Requirements 5-4
      Additional Audit Requirements 5-4
      Equipment Schedule 5-4
      Schedule of State Award 5-5
      Maintaining Records 5-5
    Returning Grant Funds 5-5
    West Virginia Recycling Assistance Grants 5-5
    Covered Electronic Devices Recycling Grants 5-5
    Questions & Answers on the Solid Waste Grants 5-6
  Attachment 5-A: W. Va. Code Rules §54-5 5A-1
  Attachment 5-B: Regional Planning & Development Council District Map 5B-1
  Attachment 5-C: Sample Lease Agreement 5C-1
  Attachment 5-D: SWMB & DEP-REAP Grant Program Schedules 5D-1
  Chapter 6: Solid Waste Regulations and Intergovernmental Affairs 6-1
    State Organization of Environmental Responsibility 6-1
    County and Municipal Role 6-1
    Organization of West Virginia’s Courts and Legislature 6-1
      Courts 6-1
      Magistrate Courts 6-1
      Circuit Courts 6-1
      Supreme Court of Appeals 6-1
      The West Virginia Legislature 6-2
    Environmental Quality Board 6-2
    Laws Governing West Virginia Agencies and Programs 6-2
      Freedom of Information Act 6-2
      Open Governmental Proceedings Act 6-3
      Regular Meetings 6-3
      Special Meetings 6-3
      Emergency Meetings 6-3
      Agendas 6-3
      Minutes 6-3
      Executive Sessions 6-4
      Public Comment 6-4
      The Ethics Act 6-4
    Solid Waste Management in West Virginia 6-4
    Regional Planning and Development Council 6-5
    Solid Waste Management Board 6-5
  Attachment 6-A: Sample FOIA Form 6A-1
  Attachment 6-B: Guide to the West Virginia Open Governmental Proceedings Act 6B-1
  Attachment 6-C: Guide to the West Virginia Ethics Act 6C-1
  Chapter 7: Recycling Programs and Market Development 7-1
    Recycling Programs 7-1
      Source Separated/Curbside 7-1
      Drop-off Programs 7-1
      Dual Programs 7-2
    Key Elements for Successful Recycling 7-2
    Types of Markets 7-2
      Recycling Materials Processor 7-2
      Recyclable Materials Broker 7-3
      Marketing Cooperative 7-3
      End Users 7-3
    Most Commonly Recycled Items 7-3
      Glass 7-3
      Scrap Metals 7-3
      Plastic 7-4
      Waste Paper 7-4
                Old Newspaper 7-4
                Old Corrugated Containers 7-4
                Office Paper 7-4
                Mixed Paper 7-4
      Composting 7-4
      Poultry Litter 7-5
    Processing  7-5
      Glass 7-5
      Aluminum 7-6
      Scrap Steel 7-6
      Plastic  7-6
      Newspaper . 7-6
      Universal Waste 7-6
      Volume and Weight Conversions 7-6
    Recycling Collection and Processing Equipment 7-7
    Recycling Coordinators 7-7
    Question & Answers on Recycling 7-8
  Attachment 7-A: Recycling Collection and Processing Equipment Needs 7A-1
  Chapter 8: The Role of Education in Solid Waste Management 8-1
    School System Involvement 8-1
    Other Educational Outlets 8-1
    Mass Media and Education 8-2
      Source Reduction: An Educational Imperative 8-2
    Household Source Reduction 8-2
      Yard Waste 8-2
      Food Scraps 8-2
      Textiles 8-2
      Reuse 8-3
      Purchases 8-3
      Borrow, Rent, Share, Repair 8-3
    Business Source Reduction 8-3
      Purchases 8-3
      Durable Goods 8-3
      Reusable Materials 8-3
      Efficiency 8-4
      Materials Exchange 8-4
    Extended Product Responsibility 8-4


    Educational Material


    Questions & Answers on Education


  Chapter 9: Cleaning Up Open Dumps 9-1
    Identification and Prioritization of Open Dumps 9-1
    Open Dump Cleanup Mechanisms 9-1
      Authority Resources 9-1
      Solid Waste Management Board Grants 9-1
      Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan Litter Control 9-1
      Other Means 9-1
    Open Dump Contract Requirements 9-2
    Disposal of Abandoned Motor Vehicles, Tires and Appliances 9-2
    DEP-REAP Litter Control Hotline 9-3
    Questions & Answers on Open Dumps 9-3
  Attachment 9-A: DEP PPOD Program District Map 9A-1
  Chapter 10: Enforcing Mandatory Disposal 10-1
    Enforcement 10-1
    Bulky Goods 10-2
    Questions & Answers on Mandatory Disposal 10-2
  Attachment 10-A: Public Service Commission Complaint Rule and Form 10A-1
  Chapter 11: Operating and Closing Solid Waste Authority Owned Facilities 11-1
      Certificate of Need and Rates 11-1
      Permits 11-1
      Financing 11-2
      Grants 11-2
      Bonds 11-2
    Health and Safety 11-2
    Training Requirements for Solid Waste Personnel 11-4
    Financial Responsibility for Solid Waste Facility Closure 11-4
    Solid Waste Facility Closure/Post-Closure 11-4
  Attachment 11-A: Definitions and Synopsis of DEP Rules 11A-1
  Appendix A: W. Va. Code §22C-4 Appendix A-1
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