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West Virginia State Auditor's Office: Chief Inspector Division

Basic Steps In Procuring An Audit

  1. Receive notice from the Chief Inspector Division that you are to procure a CPA to perform your audit.

  2. Appoint your audit procurement committee.

  3. Determine whether you need a Single Audit, Financial and Compliance Audit, or a Review. See Section 2.14 on page 35 of the bid manual.

  4. Complete the Request for Proposal (RFP).

  5. Call and/or submit your completed RFP to at least three (3) CPA firms who will provide you with a written response. A response could even be "no bid".

  6. Receive CPA written audit proposals.

  7. The audit procurement committee must assign weighted values (maximum allowable points) to each item on the score sheet in accordance with the score sheet instructions.

  8. Score each proposal on the individual score sheet and transfer each section’s total points to the Audit Proposal Score Sheet Summary.

  9. The proposal receiving the highest total points is to be awarded the contract.

  10. Complete and sign the audit contract. Have the CPA sign the contract.

  11. The entity should then submit the following documents to the Chief Inspector Division for review and the final appointing signature:

    1. A copy of the individual score sheet for each proposal received.

    2. A copy of the Audit Proposal Score Sheet Summary.

    3. A copy of the Bid Summary and Certification Form from each CPA proposal.

    4. The original audit contract signed by both the entity and the CPA firm.



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