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Who We Are, What We Do

In 1998, the Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB) was directed by the Legislature to provide business and financial assistance to local governmental entities operating public solid waste facilities.

Pursuant to that directive, the Business and Financial Assistance Section was created to provide the solid waste authorities (SWAs) and other local government entities with professional assistance to improve their business and financial knowledge.  This in turn helps them to run their operations in a more effective and efficient manner, thus ensuring their long-term viability.

Staff monitors operations of local government entities operating public solid waste facilities with an emphasis on those that receive loans from the SWMB to ensure timely payments are made.  This section also reviews and maintains a database on all SWA audits and bylaws. 

WV Code §22C-4-9a, enacted in 2005, requires SWAs operating commercial solid waste facilities to submit quarterly performance measures to the SWMB.  The quarterly reporting helps gauge the productivity and operational health of each Authority and its commercial solid waste facility. 

This same section of WV Code also requires the SWMB to conduct biennial, or more frequent, performance reviews on these SWAs.  These performance reviews foster accountability and best management practices for SWAs that operate commercial solid waste facilities, as well as evaluate their operational health and performance.

The SWMB’s revolving loan program is also administered through this Section.  This program provides funding, within available means and guidelines, for acquisition or construction of solid waste disposal projects.


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