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WV Solid Waste Management Board

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West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board


The West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB), originally called the Resource Recovery-Solid Waste Disposal Authority, was created in 1976 in response to the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The board was created to facilitate statewide solid waste planning. The SWMB created  the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Plan and is responsible for biennial plan updates. The board's responsibilities also include assisting in maintaining the financial stability of publically owned landfills, assisting in solid waste planning on the local level, planning for special waste management needs, distributing operating capitol and grant funding to the states fifty local solid waste authorities, providing marketing assistance to public sector recycling centers and others, monitoring publically owned waste management facilities, assisting the West Virginia Legislature with  research and other things that benefit both public and private sector waste management in West Virginia.


Solid Waste Facilities Maps


This section contains maps of all operational municipal solid waste facilities in the state and a map of all known nonoperational facilities. The operational facilities map includes Class A, B, C and D Landfills, Solid Waste Transfer Stations and Solid Waste Tire Monofills as well as contact information for each facility. The nonoperational failities map contains closed landfills and links to appropriate Landfill Closure Assistance Program (LCAP) information for those facilities accepted into the LCAP program.


Click here to view the operational facilities map.

Click here to view the nonoperational facilities map.


Legislative Information Relative to Solid Waste Issues

  • Click Here for weekly updates of legislative activity regarding solid waste management;

  • Click Here for an in-depth look at the West Virginia Legislature.

  • Click Here for a legislative presentation.

SWMB Legislative Contact: Paul Hayes

Call, 304-926-0448 ext. 1673


Public Service Commission Information (PSC) Relative to Solid Waste Issues

  • Click here for weekly updates of Public Service Commission information regarding active cases;

SWMB PSC Activity Contact: Paul Hayes

Call, 304-926-0448 ext. 1673


West Virginia Recycles'

West Virginia Recycles' Day is celebrated each year on or near November 15. The event is sponsored by the Recycling Coalition of West Virginia (RCWV.) The RCWV is assisted by businesses, individuals, government agencies, non-profits and others statewide in staging events and generating publicity urging all West Virginian's to buy products made from recycled content materials. West Virginia Recycles' Day activities rely on active participation from teachers, students, environmental youth programs and supporters of recycling. For more information on this year's activities, click the link below.


What To Do With Special Waste?

From time to time everyone has a special waste problem. Disposing of things that just don't belong in the landfill can be a problem. What do you do with things like antifreeze, batteries, compact fluorescent lamps, computers and electronics, household hazardous waste, universal waste, paint, pesticides, tires, used oil and other types of special waste?

Unfortunately, outlets for these materials are not always readily available. The Solid Waste Management Board has assembled listings of the best available disposal source for these materials that we can locate. If you find that any of our listings are not appropriate or know something useful that is not listed, please let us know.

Click here for information on managing both business and household special waste.


Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

Congress passed the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) in 1976. The act regulates both household and hazardous waste. The primary goals of RCRA are to protect human health and the environment from the potential hazards of waste disposal, conserve energy and natural resources, reduce the amount of waste generated and ensure that waste are managed in an environmentally sound manner.

The following information explains RCRA:


SWMB Special Reports

The following are a grouping of special reports prepared at the request of the WV Legislature or other relevant parties by the Solid Waste Management Board on the management of problem waste:






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