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Current Legislative Issues - 2019 Session

2019 Daily Tracking Updates

The SWMB tracks any legislation that would affect the solid waste industry and those involved. Keep up to date with any changes by clicking the link above. For additional information on legislative tracking, check out the information under the Solid Waste Authorities link above.

FY 2020 SWMB Grant Application Available

FY 2020 SWMB Grant Booklet

The Solid Waste Management Board has released the FY 2020 Grant Application Booklet. There is $400,000 in available funds from which eligible county and regional solid waste authorities may apply for up to $25,000. The grant booklet can be downloaded using the link above. Editable version of the application is located under the Solid Waste Authorities tab at the top. For any questions regarding the grant process, application, eligibility, or allowable requests, please contact Carol or Nicole at 304-926-0448.

2019 WV State Solid Waste Management Plan Released

2019 West Virginia Solid Waste Management Plan

The West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board approved the publication of the 2019 State's Solid Waste Management Plan. This document provides an overview of solid waste management practices in our State. Information is included on solid waste legislation, population and waste projections, status of solid waste facilities within the state, local solid waste management practices, recycling, special waste, disposal fees, economic impact, recyclign and solid waste grants, statistics on public recycling programs and programs in the surrounding states. The purpose of the plan is to help determine state actions required to meet the goals and solid waste management policies, provide guidance to those who are implementing or maintaining solid waste management programs, and ensure that an adequate capacity of solid waste disposal facilities exists to meet the needs of the people of West Virginia. The State's Plan is updated every two years as required by the West Virginia Legislature. Information provided is the most current to date.

The Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board Webpage

The West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board has added a new link to the webpage. The Bulletin Board is a new web link that puts you in touch with both, the public and private sector entities who want to share resources. Items you you can post include: equipment, vehicles, parts for repairs, surplus supplies, recycling bi-products, post employment vacancies and anything else that may be relivant to your operation. Easy to post. Click on the link above to check out what has recently been posted. A permanent link will be located on the lower right-side of this page.

2018 AWVSWA/DEP-REAP Environmental Conference

2018 Conference Agenda

Fred Cheek - The Wild World of Recycling in West Virginia Presentation

Carol Throckmorton - Why Employee Manuals Presentation

Nicole Hunter - Bylaws, Why Your Solid Waste Authority Needs Them Presentation

Kristin Boggs - Ethics Presentation

The 2018 WV Educational Conference on Litter Control and Solid Waste Management was held October 28-30th at Stonewall Jackson Resort State Park. This was the 14th Annual combined conference as presented by the Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities and the WV Department of Environmental Protection's REAP Program. For information on the conference agenda and presentations, please check out the links posted above.

WV Solid Waste Management Board FY19 Grants Announced

FY2019 SWMB Grant Press Release

The WV Solid Waste Management Board awarded $380,000 in grants on Wednesday, July 18, 2018, to thirty-nine local solid waste authorities. The SWMB grant program is designed to assist local solid waste authorities in the job of properly managing solid waste within their perspective counties or regions. For a complete list of those authorities, amounts and designated purpose, click on the link posted above.


Public Service Commission Activities Related to Solid Waste

Active Cases

For current information on any active PSC cases relating to solid waste, check out the link about. This information is tracked daily and updated when items change.

West Virginia Recycles'

Recycling Coalition of West Virginia Website

West Virginia Recycles' Day is celebrated each year on or near November 15th. The event is sponsored by the Recycling Coalition of West Virginia (RCWV). West Virginia Recycles' Day activities rely on active participation from teachers, students, environmental youth programs and supporters of recycling. For more information on this year's activities, click the link above.


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The Bulletin Board

National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

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WVDEP-REAP Announces 2019 CED Grants

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