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A five-member board, appointed by the governor, oversees the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM).  BRIM operates under the authority of Chapter 29, Article 12; and Chapter 33, Article 30 of the West Virginia Code, as amended, and the provisions of Executive Order 12-86.  The Executive Director manages the daily operations.

 The primary responsibility for BRIM is to provide casualty insurance coverage for all State Agencies.  This includes protection from lawsuits and other liability claims resulting from incidents due to automobile accidents, employment practices, property, flood, general liability, and medical professional liability at the respective teaching institutions.  Currently, there are 168 state agencies being provided coverage.

 BRIM operates a similar insurance program for Boards of Education, County Commissions , Cities and Towns, other governmental entities, and many non-profit organizations around the state.  Currently, with the exception of the Boards of Education who are mandated to obtain coverage with BRIM, there are approximately 951 individual entities that voluntarily participate in this program, referred to as the Senate Bill #3 program.

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