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Attorney General's Office Approval Process

"Walking through purchasing documents," which has been used by state agencies in certain situations with specific time constraints in attempt to circumvent the normal approval process, has increasingly become a common practice.  As a result, the Attorney General’s Office has issued a memorandum clarifying its approval process.

According to a memorandum dated March 26, 1999 from Silas Taylor, Deputy Attorney General, the approval of contracts, deeds, leases, and intergovermental agreements will be processed in the order they arrive at the Attorney General’s Office.

When "walk through" documents are received at the Attorney General’s Office, they will not be offered any special priority over those documents received earlier for approval.  Taylor indicated that under no circumstances will the documents be approved while the agency representative waits, unless an appointment has first been made through Mr. Taylor.

Please note this clarification of the Attorney General’s Office approval process and proceed accordingly.


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