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Vendor Procurement Guide

Section 5: Bid Opportunities

This section offers an overview of the bid opportunities available with the State of West Virginia.

Vendors may discuss and market their commodities and services with agency procurement officers or the Purchasing Division buying staff. Descriptive literature and full product specifications are helpful to share. To ensure that the Purchasing Division or agency representative is available to meet, vendors should call in advance to schedule an appointment.

For bidding opportunities $25,000 or less, vendors should directly contact the state agency procurement officer and present their commodities and services to make them aware of their interest; however, the vendor must exercise restraint in assist­ing the agency in preparing a specification.

For a listing of agency procurement officers, see Appendix D or visit the Purchasing Division website at:


Specifications are carefully reviewed by the agency procurement officer for agency delegated purchases and by the Purchasing Division for requisitions exceeding $25,000 to eliminate restrictions and limitations which could unfairly reduce competition. Although vendor assistance is appreciated in developing specifications, no fee will be paid or special consideration given when the actual purchase order is awarded. Vendors who are compensated for assisting in the writing of specification may not bid on the resulting solicitation.

Vendors are permitted to request the agency to list its business as a “suggested vendor” on the requisition to ensure an opportunity to bid.

West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin

The Purchasing Division offers paid, registered vendors with a listing of solicitations that are currently out for bid that are expected to exceed $25,000. This listing, referred to as the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin, is updated each week and categorizes the solicitations by the Purchasing Division buyers, who are assigned specific agencies.

Each solicitation includes a variety of information, starting with the Request for Quotations number. This number uses the agency prefix assigned by the Purchasing Division. For example, in the solicitation below, PEI is the prefix for the WV Public Employees Insurance Agency. The number after the prefix is the specific number for that solicitation.

The Request for Quotation is a downloadable file; therefore, if the vendor places his or her cursor over this highlighted number and clicks on it, the solicitation will open and may be reviewed, printed or saved to the computer.

The spending unit is the agency for which the Purchasing Division is soliciting bids for a specific commodity or service.

The bid opening date is the date by which all bids must be officially received and time stamped by the Purchasing Division. Bid openings are scheduled at 1:30 p.m. during the week. No bids shall be considered after that time on the date of the bid opening. Bids received after the bid opening date and time shall be immediately disqualified in accordance with State law. These bids will be stamped as "Bid Received Late," maintained with the official file and posted online upon receipt with the other bids. The bids are opened in a public forum at the Purchasing Division (2019 Washington Street, East, Charleston, WV unless otherwise specified) and posted online at:


Below is an example of a solicitation that is displayed in the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin.


		 INSURANCE AGENCY                                   
  BID OPENING: 01/13/2011               

To locate a particular RFQ or to search for a particular commodity or service, the vendor may use the “Find Feature” by pressing Ctrl + F on the keyboard.

At the top of the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin home page, there are several links to information that our vendor community may be interested in accessing:

[Bids Received] [Request RFQ Hardcopy] [View PO Awards] [View Bulletin Archives]

The “Bids Received” link provides access to all bids that have been received and opened. This listing is categorized by bid opening date; however, vendors may also search for bids using the RFQ number.

If a vendor elects to not download the RFQ from the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin, he or she may click on the “Request RFQ Hardcopy” link to request that the Purchasing Division mail or fax the solicitation. For a list of purchase orders which have been awarded, the vendor may access “View PO Awards.”

Additionally, the Purchasing Division maintains on its website all past issues of the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin. To view an archived issue, the vendor may click on the link titled “View Bulletin Archives.”

A link to the Business Associate Addendum Notice is also posted at the upper section of the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin site. To view a copy, visit:


Vendors should be aware of the Purchasing Division’s Privacy Notice regarding information collected indicated below when submitting a bid or documentation.

Privacy Notice: The Purchasing Division is required to collect certain information as stated in West Virginia Code §5A-3-12, other applicable sections of the West Virginia Code, the Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement forms, and other documents to facilitate the state bidding and contract administration processes.  That information is generally obtained by the Purchasing Division through the Vendor Registration and Disclosure Statement form or vendors’ submitted responses to solicitations, but may be obtained in other forms and formats.  All information collected is stored in a secure environment, but unless specifically protected under state law, any information provided to the Purchasing Division may be inspected by or disclosed to the public.

To help educate participating vendors on various issues, the Purchasing Division posts each month a link to informational articles on the West Virginia Purchasing Bulletin site that may be helpful to our paid, registered vendors.

The Purchasing Division is pleased to provide vendors with opportunities to bid on commodities and services needed by our state agencies. Vendors are continuously encouraged to actively participate in the state’s competitive bid process.

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